January 7, 2014

Tuesday Tunes: Delta Spirit - Ode to Sunshine

I listened to a lot of music my freshman year of college. I tend to associate music with seasons or months. Delta Spirit is one of the bands I remember listening to quite a bit around this time of year (But years ago. You know what I mean.)

"Ode to Sunshine" is just a really great song. The entire album is the right amount of laid back without being solemn. I don't need to be further depressed by the music I'm listening to when this time of year is naturally kind of depressing. So check out the rest of this album if you like this song!

Plus, isn't this a great song to share when most of the United States is experiencing epic winter weather right now?


Haggard Library said...

What a feel-good song. I love it!


Imogen said...

It’s pretty amazing. I am surprised to hear that the US is having such cold weather. I read on the news this morning that in some parts the temperatures so cold that the air is dangerous to breathe.

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