January 22, 2014

Vintage Lacoste Cardigan, Leopard Print Top, & Corduroy Shorts

This vintage Lacoste cardigan and my leopard print blouse is becoming a favorite combination. I don't know what it is about leopard and this shade of blue but I love it. I found this cardigan while scouring Goodwill sweaters in Illinois over winter break. The color is wonderful and the thing is in great shape for being late 50s/early 60s.

I wore almost this same outfit before with my high-waisted skinny jeans so I figured it'd look equally good with my trusty corduroy shorts. I'm not sure which outfit I liked better but I'm sure I'll be wearing a version of this again!

P.S. Here's yet another new hair bow made by my cousin. It's so plaid-tastic!

cardigan: lacoste - thrifted | shorts: forever 21 | blouse: thrifted | boots: thrifted | necklace: forever 21 | bow: handmade

After writing this post I just realized most of this outfit is thrifted. I always love when that happens! Plus it was comfortable which is always a plus. It's hard to make an outfit with these corduroy shorts uncomfortable though...

I hope you guys are having a nice week. I'm slowly getting used to having only a couple hours of non-working, non-sleeping, non-commuting time per day. (Being adult-ish is hard!) 


Ali Hval said...

haha, "adult-ish." I like that term a ton. This is a comfy and cute outfit--you always look so cool in blue! I guess the contrast against your hair is nice. :D Good luck on your busy, busy week!

gabrielle said...

that sweater was an AMAZING find! can't believe it's from the 50s/60s. i agree that it looks fantastic w/the leopard print.


JennaStevie said...

These pices are great together, love blue with leopard print!! It's always such a great combination. Especially with the high waisted shorts :)

Nikki said...

Now you sure hit thrifting gold with this cardigan. I love the color and it indeed looks like its' in great shape! So lucky!

And thanks for your encouraging words on my exams. I have only one more to go! So excited it will soon be over, haha. xo

Sonya Mann said...

v. cute, v. perfect color combo :) the little Lacoste alligator is always so cute to me. and hooray for all-thrift outfits!

~K said...

The quirky-ness of your style just keeps getting more and more awesome! I would never think to pair leopard print and blue, but it goes so great on you! I imagine not so great on myself.

Camilla said...

Loved your boots dear! :)


Marlen said...

being an adult stinks times a million, i'd totally fly away with peter pan right about now haha #thenewwendy

anywho, LOVE this outfit- that pairing is electric. and i want those shorts. you can never beat something thats comfy and stylish ;)

xo marlen
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Jenna Opsahl said...

AHH you are all kinds of cute. I love that sweater with your hair!


Imogen said...

Your cardigan is the most stunning and unique colour. I want it! Love the way it looks against leopard print.

jess said...

That shade of blue and leopard do look fantastic together.

Keit said...

Your cousin makes these bows? Man, they're adorable! :D I love this shade of blue too! It's the only shade that doesn't make me look like a pale freak :D

Laura Whitman said...

Oh my word, I love this outfit! That sweater is just so perfect and the color is gorgeous!


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