February 27, 2014

Red Jeans, Buffalo Plaid Shirt, Blue Peacoat, & Black Studded Loafers

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you like red jeans because I have a pair now and they're glorious! Mom spotted them at Kohl's and I had to buy them because they were on clearance for just under $10. They're Levi's too! Such a deal. They were exactly in my size which was definitely a sign from the denim gods and bargain gods (they often work together).

For the first debut of these red Levi's on this blog, I paired them with a black and blue buffalo plaid top I've had for a while. I like that I can wear this top untucked since it actually ends at an appropriate point on my body and not below my crotch. Some people can pull off tunic length things, but it just does not do anything to elongate my body. Plus I did that whole silhouette when it was cool back in high school so I'm good. So the moral of this story is I want more shirts that are this length. I thought this was a really cool looking casual outfit because of the fun mix of color. Plus studded shoes always add instant coolness.

jeans: levi's - kohl's | top: rave | coat: sam's club | loafers: xhileration - rack room shoes | earrings: gift?

Man, my hair is looking good in these pictures. I took these two weeks back when the 2014 Georgia Snow #2 came through and soon after it was cut. It's only been about 2 1/2 weeks since the big chop and I already need another trim! My hair grows ridiculously fast, you guys. If I let it grow right now I'd easily have a short bob-like thing going on in 2 months. I'm really enjoying the short hair though so I'm keeping it like this until I'm over it!

I hope you guys have something fun planned for the weekend even if it's epic relaxing. I need to do work! It's hard to be motivated after the work week though. My Thursdays are always super long since I commute to Atlanta in the morning then drive out to Athens after work. It was 13+ hours of commuting and working yesterday which just wears me out. I feel old and sleepy!

But anyway, have a happy Friday!

February 26, 2014

Bow Print Dress, Blue Cardigan, Lace Print Tights, & a Galaxy Bow

I think this is my last set of outfit pictures with longer hair, you guys. It's just a simple dress and cardigan pairing but I thought it looked cute enough to post here. It won't be long until I can't even wear this small amount of layers. Ugh summer in Georgia. Actually ugh spring/summer/fall in Georgia. It's essentially the same. Too hot.

But anyway, I wear this bow print dress from the kids' section in Target way more often than it's photographed. It's really comfortable! And yes, it's actually a dress for children. Apparently very large children. I'm not sure why a child of this size would be shopping in the kids' department in the first place... but obviously I benefit from the XL size in the kids' department!

dress: cherokee - target | cardigan: new york & co. | tights: forever 21 | boots: boohoo | necklace: from matt's boyscout days | bow: handmade

In other news, does anybody know how to make one of those hats Dexter from Dexter's Lab has that slows down time around you? I need that. It makes me nervous that I don't know how the next couple months are going to pan out. There's too much on my plate with this last semester of grad school. When I say I can't wait until it's over - I really can't wait. I need to relax and then find a job where I get paid money (which will be stressful to find but definitely less so than what I'm doing now.) I'm just so tired all the time! I feel like I've wasted my youth on this. Sad times, you guys.

Ok. I hope you guys have a good middle of the week. Happy Wednesday! 

February 25, 2014

Tuesday Tunes: Hollerado - So It Goes

Do you like cool stuff? What about cool history stuff? Cool WWII history stuff? Then you need to listen to this song and watch the documentary the band made to go along with it. I didn't know the back story to this ultra catchy song until I looked up the music video and watched the mini-documentary. It's such a cool story. Plus it was shot in the Netherlands and the scenery is amazing. I want to go to there.

I first heard of Hollerado through CBC Radio 3 on my satellite radio. That's honestly how I discover a lot of my new music and probably why I listen to so much Canadian indie music. Now they just need to tour in the US so I can see them!

Happy Tuesday!

February 24, 2014

Polka Dot Top, Red Cardigan, Black Shorts, Heart Tights, & Studded Loafers

I wore this delightfully red and black outfit on Valentine's weekend. I guess I was in a red and black mood because that was basically everything I packed. It's not a bad thing though. That color combination is classic plus it's my school's colors. You have to admit that red and black is a great combination for school colors. Definitely more wearable than orange and blue or purple and yellow...

Anyway, this was just a casual outfit for wearing around Athens that weekend. I get a lot of use out of this polka dot blouse I thrifted a few years back. I like how it looks paired with red so that's exactly what I did. Then I added some thrifted black cut-offs (that are slightly too tight around the waist for ultimate comfort), black heart sweater tights, & my studded black loafers.

cardigan: forever 21 | top: thrifted | shorts: thrifted | tights: forever 21 | loafers: xappeal - rack room shoes | ring: forever 21

I spent a nice weekend with Matt but then I figured out how very little time I have to study for my comprehensive exams and how close spring break is. Oh no. My life, you guys. Whyyyy. But aside from the tragedy that is graduate school, I had a good weekend and will attempt to have a productive week. Let's hope that actually happens. 

I hope you guys are having a happy Monday!

February 21, 2014

Colorful Plaid Shirt, Green Cardigan, Corduroy Shorts, & Burgundy Ankle Boots

Happy Friday everyone! Here's an outfit I wore a couple weeks back that somehow ended up on the back burner. Or maybe I just magically created snow and grew my hair out in a week. You decide.

I really love these corduroy shorts I bought from Forever 21 a couple years ago. They're so comfortable and have held up perfectly. I decided to pair them with my colorful flannel shirt and a green cardigan I thrifted over the summer. There are hardly any neutral colors going on in this outfit and I kind of love that. Navy is a neutral in my book, but not everyone's, and these shorts are kind of a bright, tawny brown shade so they can swing either way. Good times. I'm sure I'm thrilling you with my dialogue right now. So here's the outfit:

cardigan: ann taylor loft - thrifted | flannel shirt: xhileration - target | shorts: forever 21 | tights: target kids' section | boots: boohoo | bow: handmade

This is another bow my cousin made me. I love houndstooth and it nearly perfectly matches the print on one of my brown houndstooth mini skirt (seen in this post with a boat print shirt from a couple years back). I may have to wear them together soon...

I hope you guys are having a good week. Mine has been trying and it's only the beginning of the pile of crap I'm going to have to trudge through to make it out of this stage of my life. The amount of work ahead of me that I have nearly no time to work on is daunting. Honestly, it's pretty depressing. A few hours of the week I'm like, "Yeah you've got this. You can do it." Most times I'm telling myself it's very nearly impossible. I just feel so stuck. 

But anyway, you didn't come here to hear my sob story. I hope you have a glorious weekend ahead of you! I'm going to try to read some of your blogs when/if I have time. At least that's something to look forward to!

February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day Outfit: Red Dress, Leopard Print Cardigan, Backseam Tights, & Sparkly Gold Loafers

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here's what I actually wore on Valentine's Day and is another outfit featuring my new short 'do. This outfit wasn't planned in advance and was thrown together that morning, but I think it turned out very festive! I went with traditional red for the holiday and wore this red Modcloth dress with a peter pan collar. I always enjoy wearing this dress because I think it's really flattering on me. I may love it even more with my short hair. Anyway, I decided I needed a little bit of leopard print too and threw on this short sleeved cardigan. Leopard and red scream Valentine's Day to me, but maybe that's just me. I also went all out with the heart accessories and matched my gold sparkly loafers to all of my gold heart jewelry. 

dress: modcloth | cardigan: forever 21 | tights: macy's | shoes: xhileration - target | belt: thrifted | heart ring: forever 21 | heart necklace & earrings: gift from Matt

Here's the offending earring that is causing me so much grief, but it looked super cool for about 5 days before the reaction started. So this picture will be the last one you'll see of that gold earring because it was made out of some crap substance. It seriously blew my ear up - swollen, red, rashed out, throbbing pain. Yeah. Sexy. I'm positive it was the cause of most of my issues. Since taking it out (very painfully) and putting my old one back in the swelling and pain decreased significantly. So here's my lesson learned here: stick with the surgical stainless steel and don't buy any inexpensive jewelry for a cartilage piercing. It's not worth it. 

Matt and I had a good Valentine's Day together. We were both exhausted that day for whatever reason and decided to just go get some burgers and boozy milkshakes. Then we fell asleep. It was probably a food coma. We didn't get to do everything we had planned for the weekend (especially since we lost Sunday due to me needing to go to the doctor for my stupid infected ear), but there's always this weekend! It was our 7th Valentine's Day together. That sounds crazy to me, but time flies. 
P.S. Matt also took these pictures for me even though it was cold outside. He's getting pretty good!

I hope you guys are having a nice week!

February 17, 2014

New Pixie Cut! Plus Polka Dot Tights, a Maroon Skater Skirt, Striped Shirt, & Black Coat

Happy Monday everyone! It's time to debut my new hair cut to blog land. I took these pictures when round two of the snow was going on last week. Actually it wasn't really snow at that point. I was getting pelted with ice pellets and it wasn't comfortable at all! You can actually see them in the pictures! Toward the end of taking pictures it was getting pretty bad which is why a lot of these pictures are similar. My camera had a nice plastic bag on it to keep it from getting wet, but I wasn't going to trust it for very long!

But anyway, I know I wore these polka dot tights in my last post, but let's face it: I wear these polka dot tights a lot. They kind of go with everything and I enjoyed how they looked with my striped shirt. I just really liked this outfit. It was comfortable with print mixing and cool shoes. Plus my new hair is awesome and I love it! I hope you think it looks cool too. I feel so much more like myself when I have short hair. This is the first time I've had it this short though!

jacket: old navy | shirt: forever 21 | skirt: h&m | tights: kmart | boots: boohoo

Yay new hair! I really love it. I've also been loving red lipstick paired with my new hair even more than I loved red lipstick before. I feel like I can get away with wearing more makeup with short hair. Though I wore whatever makeup I wanted before so I guess it doesn't matter that much!

In other not as fun news I've managed to infect my ear with my year-old conch piercing and spent much of the day yesterday waiting at the doctor's office to get antibiotics. I think it was an unfortunate mixture of circumstances that led to to an infection. Changing the jewelry + knocking it multiple times due to the jewelry sticking out + apparently being allergic to tea tree oil + itching the tea tree oil rash = introducing bacteria into the skin and micro-tears around the fistula. (That's a fancy gross-sounding word for the piercing hole. You're welcome.) So I'm all drugged up on antibiotics and hoping my ear doesn't fall off. Hooray life. Piercings don't look as cool when your ear is swollen and red. True story.

But I digress. I hope you have a nice start to your week!

February 14, 2014

Red Dress over a Black Mock Turtleneck Sweater, Polka Dot Tights, & a Bow Necklace

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all have a nice day doing romantic things or just stuffing your face with treats! Here's an outfit I wore a couple weeks back but saved for today since it features this red dress I thrifted. I just really liked how this outfit turned out with the turtleneck sweater layered underneath my sleeveless dress. Plus polka dot tights look good with pretty much anything. 

I'll post what I actually wore today sometime soon! I went with non-traditional blue lace dress for Valentine's day last year. (Though we celebrated a day early. I wore a heart sweater outfit on the actual holiday.) I still love the more common red and pink color scheme of the holiday though. For Valentine's Day 2012 I went with the red and black color scheme with a red wool skirt and striped tights. Red dresses are always a good idea though - so here's a red dress outfit! 

dress: thrifted | sweater: thrifted | tights: kmart | boots: hand-me-down | necklace: forever 21 | belt: thrifted

Do you guys have any plans for tonight? Or non-plans? Sometimes staying at home and eating lots of chocolate is just as fun as going out, I think. Matt and I are going to make an Irish cream bread pudding. We decided to do an inexpensive dinner and maybe a movie or bowling too. (This is assuming the ice from this week is melted and places are actually open.)

Here's a good outtake. Wind: the style blogger's enemy.

I hope you guys have a good day and a great weekend! Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you're all staying safe and warm. I'm having yet another snow day. I won't complain about the days off. I've been spending them inside watching news coverage of the storm and browsing the internet. Here are a few cool things I've seen lately:

These subtle Valentine nails by Chalkboard Nails:

These Disney scenes reenacted by celebrities are very cool. (Click to see a ton more!) Photos by Annie Leibovitz:

This Valentine's Day makeup look by xSparkage:

These real Sims patch notes are hilarious. This image comes from the bug where pregnant sims can "brawl." Good times.

This Harry Potter mug needs to be in my collection:

These sea otters celebrating Valentine's Day at Georgia Aquarium are super cute (and I was there when it was happening!)

This on-stage proposal from Peter Pan to Wendy is adorable.

Two bulldog mascots meeting and being incredibly cute together.

The evolution of the college library. I want to go to all of these.

You should try this healthy cookie dough dip. Matt made it the other day and you'd never know it was made with chickpeas.

February 12, 2014

Decemberists T-shirt, Cozy Cardigan, Corduroy Shorts, & Neon Mint Tights

This was just a cozy outfit I threw together for a lazy weekend day. I mixed all these cool shades together for some reason. I mostly just wanted to wear these neon mint-colored tights and this outfit is what manifested. I just decided these colors go together.

My Decemberists t-shirt was hidden in a drawer at my apartment and hadn't been worn in a while, so here it is. It's such a great color and I love the tree graphic. I got this shirt during The Decemberists' Hazards of Love tour when they played through the entire album in order. It was glorious. They're a really fun band to see live.

cardigan: target | t-shirt: american apparel - concert | shorts: forever 21 | tights: target kids' section | boots: thrifted | bow: handmade

So Georgia is once again having an ice/snow event. After the craziness a couple weeks ago the state was more cautious and I've been off work since Tuesday. Today is supposed to be way worse than Tuesday was and since I'm scheduling this post a few hours in advance I'm sure there's crap going down right now. I just hope our power doesn't go out, but you'll be hearing about it on Twitter if it does, I'm sure!

In other news, I had a ton of my hair cut off yesterday! You'll see outfit pictures with my new hair next week if I'm counting my backlog of outfit pictures correctly. Hopefully you guys will like it, because I really do! It always makes me angry when people leave stupid comments on bloggers' posts (or about celebrities) after they cut their hair like, "Your hair looked better long" or "I don't like short hair" or "Oh, it looks good on you but..." How are comments like that beneficial to anybody? Hair grows and it shouldn't be such a huge deal when it's not even your own hair. But rant over.

(P.S. If you like a short hair cut and think it would be cool to have it yourself, you can probably rock it. Believe me. You don't know if something would look good on you until you try it!)

Happy Wednesday!

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