February 26, 2014

Bow Print Dress, Blue Cardigan, Lace Print Tights, & a Galaxy Bow

I think this is my last set of outfit pictures with longer hair, you guys. It's just a simple dress and cardigan pairing but I thought it looked cute enough to post here. It won't be long until I can't even wear this small amount of layers. Ugh summer in Georgia. Actually ugh spring/summer/fall in Georgia. It's essentially the same. Too hot.

But anyway, I wear this bow print dress from the kids' section in Target way more often than it's photographed. It's really comfortable! And yes, it's actually a dress for children. Apparently very large children. I'm not sure why a child of this size would be shopping in the kids' department in the first place... but obviously I benefit from the XL size in the kids' department!

dress: cherokee - target | cardigan: new york & co. | tights: forever 21 | boots: boohoo | necklace: from matt's boyscout days | bow: handmade

In other news, does anybody know how to make one of those hats Dexter from Dexter's Lab has that slows down time around you? I need that. It makes me nervous that I don't know how the next couple months are going to pan out. There's too much on my plate with this last semester of grad school. When I say I can't wait until it's over - I really can't wait. I need to relax and then find a job where I get paid money (which will be stressful to find but definitely less so than what I'm doing now.) I'm just so tired all the time! I feel like I've wasted my youth on this. Sad times, you guys.

Ok. I hope you guys have a good middle of the week. Happy Wednesday! 


Ali Hval said...

Riiight?? Summers down here are hell. And then places like to blast the AC so it's super cold inside and you're never happy with the temp.

Bye bye, long hair!

JennaStevie said...

I totally get where you're coming from, I've been in post secondary for 6 years now and I'm just so damn tired!! At least you're almost there :)
This dress is so cute, love the print and the fact that you were able to score this in the kids section!

Frannie Pantz said...

Well the grass is always greener . . . my daughter and I were just speaking this morning about how we wish for a really hot year next year, "even in January and February", she says. I love the blue with this cute little dress!

Marlen said...

Awww hang in the lovey, i'm sure it'll ALL be worth it once you're done and have that job. You're almost there! And that's amazing you can shop at the kids' section- the SAVINGS, haha!

xo marlen
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Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Hang in there! I know how stressful life stuffs can be. Trust me. It'll all feel so great when you're finally done. I hope it's not too bad until then!

Also...that would be one tall child to wear that dress... lol

Imogen said...

Bow print is the best, I always snap it up when I see it. I can understand why you get so much wear from it. I have a skirt with an almost identical print which I adore. Target kids department is so great. I often have a browse through there.

Sonya Mann said...

cutie pie! I love the bow print, and i sincerely wish I could shop in the kids department since I always like stuff from there, haha

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

oh i hear ya on the layers!! i still remember Marlen commenting on a post of mine where i had a little jean vest over a dress in summer, that it seemed like a good amount of summer layers but i really would've died had i walked around outside for long... wearing even a swimsuit ha. anyway, you look simply darling in this little dress & blue cardi!! love it! good luck on the job search!

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