February 21, 2014

Colorful Plaid Shirt, Green Cardigan, Corduroy Shorts, & Burgundy Ankle Boots

Happy Friday everyone! Here's an outfit I wore a couple weeks back that somehow ended up on the back burner. Or maybe I just magically created snow and grew my hair out in a week. You decide.

I really love these corduroy shorts I bought from Forever 21 a couple years ago. They're so comfortable and have held up perfectly. I decided to pair them with my colorful flannel shirt and a green cardigan I thrifted over the summer. There are hardly any neutral colors going on in this outfit and I kind of love that. Navy is a neutral in my book, but not everyone's, and these shorts are kind of a bright, tawny brown shade so they can swing either way. Good times. I'm sure I'm thrilling you with my dialogue right now. So here's the outfit:

cardigan: ann taylor loft - thrifted | flannel shirt: xhileration - target | shorts: forever 21 | tights: target kids' section | boots: boohoo | bow: handmade

This is another bow my cousin made me. I love houndstooth and it nearly perfectly matches the print on one of my brown houndstooth mini skirt (seen in this post with a boat print shirt from a couple years back). I may have to wear them together soon...

I hope you guys are having a good week. Mine has been trying and it's only the beginning of the pile of crap I'm going to have to trudge through to make it out of this stage of my life. The amount of work ahead of me that I have nearly no time to work on is daunting. Honestly, it's pretty depressing. A few hours of the week I'm like, "Yeah you've got this. You can do it." Most times I'm telling myself it's very nearly impossible. I just feel so stuck. 

But anyway, you didn't come here to hear my sob story. I hope you have a glorious weekend ahead of you! I'm going to try to read some of your blogs when/if I have time. At least that's something to look forward to!


Sampada said...

Ah my week's been the same, and I question how I'll ever get through the rest of it...anyway, love those shorts and navy can definitely be a neutral! I really like the location of these shots too.


Camilla said...

Loved the way you put the colors together! :)


Ali Hval said...

dayum girl, your hair sure does grow quick! ;) wish I had that ability. BUT REALLY I DO.

Onward, to your cute, colorful outfit. The fact that you can mash all these colors together is absolutely magic. That shirt looks like such a fun staple!

Sonya Mann said...

I love those pumpkin shorts more and more every time!

Imogen said...

This is so colourful and fun, so beautiful. I also love your new hair that you showed us in the last post. Suits you perfectly. I hear you about the work you need to get done. I know exactly how that feels. Thinking of you.

Nikki said...

Navy is definitely a neutral for me too. It goes with everything and it suits us redheads better than black ;) I love your colorful style, and you know it. xo

Angel said...

Love all these colours together. I hope you have a better weekend. I've just been chilling, waiting for my next job to start in march.

Anonymous said...

I love the color combination in your outfit!


Marlen said...

you seriously make me TERRIFIED of grad school haha, nooo thank you. It sounds so hard! But you're almost done, so just keep on going!

Also, this outfit is amazeballs. Everything about it is heavenly- i LOVE the colors and all the textures!

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Jackie said...

You have such a fun and quirky style - I love it!

I totally understand how you feel with all of the work you have. I get like that a lot, and tend to panic....so no actual advice there :P

xo Jackie

Something About That

~K said...

As always a wonderful outfit!

I'm totally feeling your week, my entire job is like that. Maybe once a week I think I've got everything in order and I'm hanging in there and the rest of the time I'm sitting in the corner under the mound of work that I'll never have time for.

Chin up and you'll get there!!

~ K

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