February 27, 2014

Red Jeans, Buffalo Plaid Shirt, Blue Peacoat, & Black Studded Loafers

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you like red jeans because I have a pair now and they're glorious! Mom spotted them at Kohl's and I had to buy them because they were on clearance for just under $10. They're Levi's too! Such a deal. They were exactly in my size which was definitely a sign from the denim gods and bargain gods (they often work together).

For the first debut of these red Levi's on this blog, I paired them with a black and blue buffalo plaid top I've had for a while. I like that I can wear this top untucked since it actually ends at an appropriate point on my body and not below my crotch. Some people can pull off tunic length things, but it just does not do anything to elongate my body. Plus I did that whole silhouette when it was cool back in high school so I'm good. So the moral of this story is I want more shirts that are this length. I thought this was a really cool looking casual outfit because of the fun mix of color. Plus studded shoes always add instant coolness.

jeans: levi's - kohl's | top: rave | coat: sam's club | loafers: xhileration - rack room shoes | earrings: gift?

Man, my hair is looking good in these pictures. I took these two weeks back when the 2014 Georgia Snow #2 came through and soon after it was cut. It's only been about 2 1/2 weeks since the big chop and I already need another trim! My hair grows ridiculously fast, you guys. If I let it grow right now I'd easily have a short bob-like thing going on in 2 months. I'm really enjoying the short hair though so I'm keeping it like this until I'm over it!

I hope you guys have something fun planned for the weekend even if it's epic relaxing. I need to do work! It's hard to be motivated after the work week though. My Thursdays are always super long since I commute to Atlanta in the morning then drive out to Athens after work. It was 13+ hours of commuting and working yesterday which just wears me out. I feel old and sleepy!

But anyway, have a happy Friday!


Keit said...

Hahaha, your hair is growing so fast I can't believe my eyes :D You look dashing! I love the cool blue and red combo and your eyes are magical O_O

Ali Hval said...

Aaah! Like, your hair is seriously the most cutest short hair ever. I stared at that first picture for a good two or three minutes, haha. I'm gonna have to draw you or something because SO CLASSY!

I luuh your lipstick with this outfit. Red and blue look so good together on you!

Frannie Pantz said...

My hair used to grow really fast . . . until I got pregnant. Now I've been waiting to grow out a way too short cut since October and it's still not growing. Your hair does look good in these and I love the color combo! I also love Kohl's jeans. They always seem to fit juuuuuust right for me for some reason.

Sonya Mann said...

Red red red! I'm still super excited about your hair =D

Marlen said...

i LOVE your hair, it looks so so good. and go mom for finding you those jeans- i'm always so impressed by your amazing thrifty finds!

xo marlen
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Alyssa Marie said...

Omigosh Jamie, your hair is gorgeous!!!! I love it! Short hair really suits you, although I am fully convinced that any hair style would suit you because you have such a pretty face. I love the red and blue together, such a gorgeous and bold color combination and you wear it so well!! Looking beautiful as always, have an awesome weekend!!

xo, Alyssa

chloe said...

Ugh I hear you about the long shirts! I have to tuck mine in, tie them up, etc etc etc constantly. The tunic look is just not a good style for me. I think it has something to do with being very short and having some curvature to my body. I buy a lot of kids sized button downs for that reason - they're shorter! But sometimes I have to roll the sleeves up so that it's not noticeable that they're way too short - ha!

p.s. your hair look FAB. Seriously. You look so chic & sophisticated.

Amanda Chic said...

Love your look, so pretty!
May be we can follow each other. Please let me know

Twitter / tumblr/ instagram: @fashionrlounge

A chic kiss ;)

~K said...

I'm too short for tunic tops too. I just look stupid when things hang around my butt line.

My hair is a slow grower, I just have to keep my fringe trimmed, which I'm no good at ;)

~ K

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness your hair is gorgeous! I love that style on you! Your jeans are super cute and at such a great deal who could resist! Love the way your styled them too!


Two Happy Hearts said...

Love the new pixie cut! So cute on you. Happy weekend, lady!

meital david-pur said...

Nice look! your hair is so pretty!

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Wild Flower said...

Adorable, those pants are amazing. And once again, loving the hair!


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