February 13, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you're all staying safe and warm. I'm having yet another snow day. I won't complain about the days off. I've been spending them inside watching news coverage of the storm and browsing the internet. Here are a few cool things I've seen lately:

These subtle Valentine nails by Chalkboard Nails:

These Disney scenes reenacted by celebrities are very cool. (Click to see a ton more!) Photos by Annie Leibovitz:

This Valentine's Day makeup look by xSparkage:

These real Sims patch notes are hilarious. This image comes from the bug where pregnant sims can "brawl." Good times.

This Harry Potter mug needs to be in my collection:

These sea otters celebrating Valentine's Day at Georgia Aquarium are super cute (and I was there when it was happening!)

This on-stage proposal from Peter Pan to Wendy is adorable.

Two bulldog mascots meeting and being incredibly cute together.

The evolution of the college library. I want to go to all of these.

You should try this healthy cookie dough dip. Matt made it the other day and you'd never know it was made with chickpeas.


Nancy Wilde said...

Annie Leibovitz is awesome, I love her photo projects and concepts.

Keit said...

Bahahah, The Sims cracked me up! Haven't played them in ages!

Sonya Mann said...

The Grim mug, I NEEDS IT
Also love those nails!

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