February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day Outfit: Red Dress, Leopard Print Cardigan, Backseam Tights, & Sparkly Gold Loafers

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here's what I actually wore on Valentine's Day and is another outfit featuring my new short 'do. This outfit wasn't planned in advance and was thrown together that morning, but I think it turned out very festive! I went with traditional red for the holiday and wore this red Modcloth dress with a peter pan collar. I always enjoy wearing this dress because I think it's really flattering on me. I may love it even more with my short hair. Anyway, I decided I needed a little bit of leopard print too and threw on this short sleeved cardigan. Leopard and red scream Valentine's Day to me, but maybe that's just me. I also went all out with the heart accessories and matched my gold sparkly loafers to all of my gold heart jewelry. 

dress: modcloth | cardigan: forever 21 | tights: macy's | shoes: xhileration - target | belt: thrifted | heart ring: forever 21 | heart necklace & earrings: gift from Matt

Here's the offending earring that is causing me so much grief, but it looked super cool for about 5 days before the reaction started. So this picture will be the last one you'll see of that gold earring because it was made out of some crap substance. It seriously blew my ear up - swollen, red, rashed out, throbbing pain. Yeah. Sexy. I'm positive it was the cause of most of my issues. Since taking it out (very painfully) and putting my old one back in the swelling and pain decreased significantly. So here's my lesson learned here: stick with the surgical stainless steel and don't buy any inexpensive jewelry for a cartilage piercing. It's not worth it. 

Matt and I had a good Valentine's Day together. We were both exhausted that day for whatever reason and decided to just go get some burgers and boozy milkshakes. Then we fell asleep. It was probably a food coma. We didn't get to do everything we had planned for the weekend (especially since we lost Sunday due to me needing to go to the doctor for my stupid infected ear), but there's always this weekend! It was our 7th Valentine's Day together. That sounds crazy to me, but time flies. 
P.S. Matt also took these pictures for me even though it was cold outside. He's getting pretty good!

I hope you guys are having a nice week!


ModernVintageStyle said...

You look so classy, with just the right amount of sexy - the seams add that! The outfit sets off your new hair beautifully. Sorry about the ear, but glad you are on the mend. Kx

Rachel said...

Earrings that cause bad reactions are no fun. My original ear piercings seem to be able to handle whatever earring I put in, but I have one ear piercing that's just 4 years old and it's still rather sensitive!
That dress really is super cute on you!

Keit said...

Dashing as always! Glad your ear is okay now. My mom has a super harsh resistance towards any metal, except gold :D Dad is really sad about that fact, his wallet is getting thinner and thinner. :D
The bold red is perfect, matches your hair so well. And the sparkly shoes are adorable!

gabrielle said...

cute as a button! love the whole combo of red + leopard + gold and your accessories are perfect. glad your ear is feeling better now -- i've definitely had some crappy reactions from cheaper earrings too.


Ali Hval said...

Ouchie ouchie! Ear infections don't sound like fun at all. Especially since you can't really take it out for long amounts of time since it's like a new wound. :( Eeep, I hope it gets better! On the bright side, it really is so cute and goes so well with your DARLING HAIR WHICH I STILL CAN'T GET OVER WHAT SO PRESH

And that dress is a dream. Give me your wardrobe, already!

Jenna Condon said...

So cute!! Your shoes go perfectly.


Marlen said...

awww your hair is ADORABLE, you look so good in short hair! and i love red and leopard together- it's so sassy and sophia vergara haha. very cute for valentines :)

xo marlen
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Sonya Mann said...

this hair is my favorite! that's such a bummer about the infection though =/

it strikes me suddenly that peter pan collars look the tops of hearts, but upside down

chloe said...

Simple Valentine's Days are always the best (: Last year, my date and I had dinner with my parents and then watched a movie on the couch. Best Valentine's Day yet!

Also, LOVE this outfit! I love getting dressed up for Valentine's Day. That cheetah print cardi is adorbs and, if I haven't said it yet, I love your new haircut!

~K said...

I love this dress on you and the new hair complements it so well! The red colour almost looks highlighted in this light.

~ K

Kristian said...

You are so darling in this red dress. The collar fits you so perfectly.

Laura Whitman said...

Your new haircut is so adorable! And I love this dress!


Nikki said...

Milkshakes are always a good idea! And with this outfit, I can already imagine you sitting in a retro inspired diner with a strawberry milkshake, haha. You look amazingly sweet in that peter pan collar dress :) xo

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