March 26, 2014

February Favorites

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's time for another favorite outfits of the month post. It's already late in March, but here are my favorites from February. Lots of cute outfits and inspiration, as usual. I love sharing this mix of looks with you guys each month. Be sure to visit their blogs! Enjoy!


Camilla said...

So damm cute outfits! Loved the one from "so on trend"! :)


Keit said...

You've given me lots of material to stalk :D

Eccentric Owl said...

These are all SO cute! I love your "favorites" posts; I always discover new people to follow!

Elana said...

You always post the best inspiration! Now I have to go check out a couple of these :)

Imogen said...

My favourites are What Olivia Did and So on Trend...the double polka dots with so on trend are incredible. How much of a genius combination is that? I must try something like it

Lorna Sharp said...

I ll try to Check some of these, they have been vintagely inspired ... Could be good to see ;)

Nice blog btw !
Cheers from Paris,

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