April 25, 2014

Abstract Digital Print Dress, Jean Jacket, Pink Tights, & Ankle Boots

Happy Friday everyone! You may remember this abstract digital print dress from last summer. It kind of stands out with all the fun colors. I ended up styling it up for cooler spring weather this time with my pink tights and jean jacket. I swear I've been wearing this jean jacket with everything lately because I know it'll be way too warm for it soon. Like now. 

How would you style this dress up for warm weather? Last time I just wore some yellow wedges with it. It's kind of a busy dress so it's difficult to make it different each time. I guess I don't really have to wear a completely different outfit every time I get dressed. (Not that I do that all the time anyway.)

dress: boohoo | jacket: so... - thrifted | tights: kmart | boots: boohoo | lipstick: occ lip tar in rollergirl

Do you have a fun weekend ahead of you? I'll be researching, but there's good news! I will be able to finish my master's degree in two weeks! It's been a long semester of worry and I have some buckling down to do for the next few days, but now I can relax a little bit. At least, my anxiety brain can relax a little. 

Have a fantastic rest of your week!


Demi said...

Congratulations on the Master's Degree!! That's awesome, I'm still tossing up whether I should start one or not. Have you found it rewarding??

I think you have that dress totally wrong by the way ;) I think that because it has so many colours, it can be worn so many more ways than if it just had a few! You can wear it with navy, reds, oranges, and turquoise, etc etc. Totally versatile!


gabrielle said...

YAY! congrats on finishing up your degree. this dress is adorable, it looks like it would be a perfect party dress! glad you can relax a bit over the weekend.


Ina R. said...

This dress is so lovely, the colours and print look so fab with the tights! And a denim jacket is always a good pair with a cute dress!

Sonya Mann said...

Hooray for being able to graduate! And hooray for lovely abstract prints that remind me of an Impressionist painting :)

Keit said...

Yay for the Master's degree! ^_^
Well, I might style this dress with some chunky boots and maybe a crazy beanie? I think it's a spectacular dress, the design is so interesting!
Love how you styled it with the bright tights and amazing denim jacket :)

Amanda said...

Oh Im turning in my masters thesis in a month and I cannot wait =). Congratulations =)

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