April 23, 2014

Internship Outfit: Floral Trousers, Blue Polo, Nude Heels, & a Black Cardigan

In honor of today being my last day at the Aquarium, here is the only work outfit I actually photographed. It just recently continued to be light outside when I get home so there hasn't been much opportunity to show you my internship outfits. On Instagram I bathroom selfie-d a few though so you may want to check that out!

Anyway, these trousers are certainly becoming a favorite. I wore them to work a few times, but this time I paired them with my blue work polo instead of one of my work cardigans. This shirt was the best fitting item I had to work with, but my slightly oversized cardigans were nice to throw over a bunch of my dresses. When I first started my internship they gave me men's shirts since, if they haven't seen me, people assume I'm a boy from my name. (Fun fact: I was actually marked as a male in the computer systems in high school for about 3 years.) The men's sizes didn't work out too well and I soon got them replaced! It's definitely a challenge working around a few required items of clothing, but I made it work!

shirt: from work | pants: h&m | shoes: payless | cardigan: so... - kohl's | hair bow: h&m

I can't believe my internship is already over. I met some cool people and had good experiences with a unique internship opportunity. I should be celebrating because graduation is supposed to be on the horizon, but my screw up school has made this entire semester hell. I've passed my comprehensive exams, finished my internship, and am nearly done with my required research paper that goes along with my internship but I still have an extra piece because people don't know how to write forms that are correct. I can't even plan for graduation because of this issue so I haven't bought a cap and gown and won't be walking whether I graduate in 2 weeks or in August. I'll be so embarrassed if they don't let me graduate even though it's entirely their fault. I'm furious. I can't tell you how tired I am of worrying and being angry.

If you made it through that short rant, congratulations. If not, don't worry. I'll be sharing my anger at a later point in time. Perhaps you'll enjoy it.

Have a great Wednesday!


Ali Hval said...

Augh! I'm sorry that things aren't going well in the graduating department! Ugh, I hope they sort things out. That is totally not fair for you.

Sonya Mann said...

I made it through the short rant =/ I really hope your school gets their act together! On the bright side, I really like this outfit! Very Jamie, if you know what I mean, and those heels are classy.

Camilla said...

You look adorable Jamie! Loved your shoes! :) Just followed you on instagram too! :))


Marlen said...

Noooo I'm so sorry they messed up your graduation! Seriously though, you should just be a total pain and they'll fix it for you. I've worked in customer service long enough to know that if it's their fault you just need to apply the right amount of pressure for them to cave. I really hope you can walk in May, that's such a bummer they're taking this accomplishment from you!!

And on a less angry note, you really know how to jazz up a uniform- LOVE the pants!

xo marlen
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Elana said...

Congrats on finishing your internship and good luck making it to graduation! So close! You do such an awesome job at making your work shirt stylish. I would definitely struggle with it, but you pull it off so well.


Keit said...

Haha! Jamie does sound like a boy's name :D You look adorable in those floral pants!
Congrats on finishing your internship! I remember when I graduated from Uni, it was hell indeed! Crossing fingers everything will go smoothly with your exams ^_^

~K said...

I lol'd a little at the high school thing :)

Working in the aquarium sounds like fun!
Oh no! I'm not completely on top of the American education system but I'm sorry to hear about the graduation. It's so annoying when it's really not your own fault and you do everything you should and get no where.

~ K

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