April 11, 2014

Jean Jacket, Floral Shoes, & a Blue Lace Crop Top over a Black Jersey Knit Dress

Happy Friday! This was a comfortable outfit I wore about a week ago. I bought this blue crochet lace crop top on clearance about a year ago and thought I'd wear it with everything. However that did not happen so I felt compelled to actually style it the other day. I threw it over one of my comfiest dresses that I actually wear a lot but don't photograph often. I'm not sure this dress has ever been on the blog, but I know its maroon twin has been! I call them my pajama dresses. They're that comfortable. I figured this crop top would mix up this dress a little bit. I threw on my jean jacket and some floral heels for a spring-y vibe. Also, is it just me or is my hair looking particularly awesome with warm-weather outfits? Maybe its the novelty of it, but I'm loving it.

top: delia's | dress: forever 21 | shoes: delia's | jacket: so... - thrifted | bracelet: jigsaw london

In other news, I passed my comprehensive exams! Hoorah! Now I just have to manage to write some research papers in less than a month. This is my life, you guys. I can't even fully express how ready I am to move on to the next phase of my life even though I'm sure it'll be a lengthy job hunt. Yay.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a fantastic week. I need to be writing so I hope I'm doing that when you're reading this. If not, shame on me.


Hannah said...

Love this outfit, your top really looks great with the colour of your hair! Congrats on passing your exam! And good luck with the rest of your work!

Lynoire said...

Hey, I've just found you blog recently and I scrolled through your posts; I love your style, but I haven't gotten around to comment yet...:)

I couldn't agree more on the comfiness of these cotton dresses and your hair indeed, looks awesome; the lighting and the blue shades compliment it very well. ^^

Michaella said...

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Imogen said...

The lace is so pretty and a gorgeous colour. I am so in love with your shoes. Every time I see them I am amazed. Definitely one of my favourites.

Rebekah Bradford said...

Your shoes are so dang pretty! I love them!

Marlen said...

ah yay, congrats on passing the tests! and i totally have items like that- where i buy them and think i'll wear them all the time and then find i don't have much to pair it with. i LOVE that top though, it looks so fun to layer over dresses!

xo marlen
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Sonya Mann said...

Congrats on passing your exams, girl! You're a rock star :) In other news, I want a pajama dress. Or a pajama everything.

ensembledeux said...

Congrats on your finals! You are adorable, love the whole outfit! :)


katie said...

Congratulations on passing the exam, that must have been a lot of work leading up to it! This outfit does look really comfy, those crop tops are awesome for us shorties, they actually are just about the right length. :) (And the blue is amazing with your hair which again, is super adorable!)

~K said...

You'll get there in the end :)

Love the shoes, they add such a nice pop of colour to the outfit.

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