April 4, 2014

Navy Polka Dot Skirt, Blue Blouse, Silver Sandals, and Polka Dot Sunglasses at the Botanical Garden

Happy Friday everyone! Finally, here are some photos from our spring trip to the botanical garden in Athens, Georgia. They're the outfit-tastic pictures so I have others to share later. It was such a nice day. Matt and I wandered through the nature trail and sat by a stream for a little while. I packed an apple snack and we relaxed. We found the Oconee river deeper into the trail too. It was nice to actually see sunlight and be outdoors. I hardly see daylight working the schedule I work! 

I had to wear something cute enough for pictures but also practical enough to wander through the nature trail. These sandals are really comfortable and are stable enough with their ankle strap. I went with a double blue color scheme with my blue button-down and a navy blue polka dot skirt. It's kind of a simple outfit, but I really liked it. It's definitely a spring look!

top: new york & co. | skirt: forever 21 | sandals: rocket dog - shoe carnival | sunglasses: forever 21 | necklace: gift | bag: epiphanie

So do you have any big plans for the weekend? I actually do! Surprise! I'll be doing the Color Run on Saturday morning with my best friend from high school + Mom, Jeanie, and more friends. I'm pretty sure the plan was that we're walking the "run", but that's fine with me. I can only run about a mile anyway. I'm just so physically fit over here. After that is my mom's 50th birthday party which will be an appetizer and beer filled get-together. It'll be fun! I really need to be doing research and writing but things are so busy. 

Have a fantastic weekend!


Van Berry said...

I love the skirt and how you wear bright blue with your red hair. When I have red hair I always wear black and grey because I feel too colourful otherwise but it looks really great on you! :)

Ali Hval said...

Look at you, dressing up to go on a nature walk!! You look adorable! We've been having pretty nice weather down here lately, huh? :D I'm glad it's been nice over there in Georgia, too!

That top is adorable and I love the color. Blue is just perfect on you!

Lynoire said...

Ah, hey, I've just found your blog...:D I think, you pulled the cute, but comy and practical look off quite well; That skirt is adorable and the scenery is also beautiful. ^^

Sonya Mann said...

Ugh, running, *shudder*
I'm gonna not run all weekend!

irene wibowo said...

the skirt is wonderful. i like it. polkadot is such a simple yet perfect pattern :)
Irene Wibowo

lisa said...

Love the polka dot skirt! Have fun doing the run tomorrow- I always love seeing pics from that, but I'm not much of a runner myself ;)

Ina R. said...

So, I haven't dropped in here for a while and. omg you cut your hair!!?? Looks really cute! You look a lot like Rebecca of The Clothes Horse, I first thought you showed some of her pics in this post :)
Your blue shirt makes the red hair shine even more, it looks so fab! <3

Laura Whitman said...

You look great - I'm loving this color top on you; it is so pretty! Also, that skirt is a dream.

And what fun it looks like you had on the Color Run!


katie said...

Oh man, you have to be like the cutest hiker ever! This outfit is so cute and yet it does look practical enough for a walk, those shoes look pretty comfy! (Ankle straps are kinda awesome for keeping your feet in shoes.) It looks so pretty and warm there as well, all of that lovely sunshine and whoa, I'd forgotten what grass looked like!

~K said...

Oh the dilemma of blog worthy and practical clothes haha!

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