April 21, 2014

Pink Mustache Print Shift Dress, Pink & Black Kitten Heels, & Polka Dot Sunglasses

Happy Monday everyone! I thought it was time to style my pink mustache print shift dress again. This is the one I found in the kids' section of Walmart over the summer. Apparently I'm the size of a large child so that works out well for me. I went without belting it for maximum comfort this time and actually really like how it looked. It's fitted enough through the waist to look alright. I have the same dress in navy blue stripes so I may have to wear that one like this soon. They're great dresses to throw on when it's hot outside, but it was slightly cool the day I wore this outfit so it was a tights day! 

I'm not 100% ready to give up tights until October. They make it so easy to remix a piece or an outfit that's otherwise the same without a different pair of tights. Oh well though. It's already getting warm and should be in the 80s this week. I'm already saying farewell to spring!

dress: cherokee - walmart | tights: forever 21? | shoes: no idea. got them in high school | sunglasses: forever 21

Do you like my shoes? I bought these way back in high school and they've just been sitting in my closet. I wore them to work when I realized they were there. I called them my Barbie shoes probably due to their color scheme and cute heart-shaped top. 

I hope you guys all have a fantastic start to your week!


Frannie Pantz said...

It's so funny to hear you say you're not ready to give up tights--most of the rest of us are like "BARE LEGS!!!!" LOL I love this dress--so cute!

Ali Hval said...

Dude, tights are rad and I feel you on wanting to keep them! I want to wear my socks forever, but I know that won't happen!! NOT IN THIS SOUTHERN WEATHER! haha, soon we're just going to be sweaty messes. Joy. :D

That mustache dress has still retained as much grooviness as it had when I first saw it. Sigh. So dreamy.

Sonya Mann said...

This dress is amazing and I LOVE your shoes. LOVE THEM.

Kelly Han said...

Love this so much Jamie! You look so cute and the mustache dress is just so amazing xx
Hope you're having a lovely Monday!xx

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

Sara Gerard said...

That dress is really cute on you! I personally have a huge dislike for Walmart, but I can appreciate the child-dress styling that you've done here. I did that once with a kid's holiday dress from Target :)

Amanda said...

Oh my word this dress is so perfect. And I must say I am so absurdly jealous you still fit into the kids section, they seriously sometimes have the best things! Love your hair too!

Camilla said...

Lovely and funny dress! :)


~K said...

I love a simple dress like that, but with the extra quirky print you get that little bit of edge. It's like saying, I could be average, but I'm too cool for that ;)

And, yes, I do like your shoes!

Tessa Lynn said...

Mustaches. For ever and for always.

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