April 20, 2014

Weekend Roundup / 2

Happy Sunday and happy Easter! This has been a decently low-key week. I've just been researching and taking notes. I can smell delicious Easter dinner cooking right now so I'm looking forward to that. I hope you've all had a nice weekend. But anyway, it's time for this week's roundup. Here are some links for you to explore and some Instagram highlights from this past week.

Fashion & Beauty
\\ I think I need these NYX Macaron lipsticks that are coming out next week. So happy to see nontraditional lipstick shades in an affordable drugstore brand!

\\ (Spoiler alert!) This explanation of the most recent Game of Thrones death was very cool. I haven't gotten to reading the books yet, so thanks for the play-by-play Buzzfeed!

\\ How All That was a unique children's show featuring a diverse cast and comedy written specifically for kids. It was one-of-a-kind and ahead of its time.

\\ Alton Brown has a new web series that's kind of like Good Eats! I'm pumped about it.

Career & School
\\ These websites provide ambient noise and can increase productivity! I've been using a bunch of them while reading academic articles. It helps my concentration.

\\ This list of sites every professional should know and use is helpful. There are a ton of great links to check out!

\\ Why you shouldn't auto DM on Twitter. Stop.

\\ The phrase "Retweets do not equal endorsements" is archaic and "the mark of the noob."

\\ Men's beard fashions follow a pattern of Darwinian selection. So when they're less common, they're more desirable and when they're common, clean-shaven is more desirable. 

\\ Your body is not highly evolved. Popular Science lists some of our weaknesses.

Other Great Things
\\ Charles Bukowski's top 10 tips for living a kick ass life.

\\ Food wisdom from Ron Swanson.

\\ I can't stop playing this 2048 game! It's seriously addicting.

\\ Did you see this idiot almost get hit by a train? I seriously can't believe how stupid people are. Train tracks are private property! Do not play near them. It's dangerous. End of story.


A Sea Nettle at Georgia Aquarum

Found matching separates at Forever 21. Skirt had a broken zipper so I left it, but then I went back for the set the next morning because I couldn't stop thinking about it!

This Past Week's Posts
\\ A 90s-inspired choker outfit
\\ Maroon skirt, floral blouse, & studded loafers


Ciara Baron said...

That sea nettle is beautiful! Love the lipsticks too, though I'm not sure if I could rock the lime green! Definitely want to try the lavender colour, it's so pretty.


Keit said...

I looove the dress you shot in your Instagram. It looks like it was meant for you, you look fantastic in it!
And yes, most satisfying death eveeeeeer!!!!

Sonya Mann said...

Okay, I just played a game of 2048, and holy oh my goodness

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