May 31, 2014

Guest Post on Of North: Home in Athens, GA

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm just popping in to let you know I have a guest post up on Of North talking about one of my hometowns, Athens, Georgia. Check it out!

May 30, 2014

April Favorites

Once again, it's the end of the next month and I still haven't posted the previous month's favorite outfits! Here are my favorites from April. There are plenty of adorable bloggers to check out! Be sure to click through and take a look at their blogs. Have a great Friday!

Shy Girl Loud Voice and Beauty in Insanity:

The Joy of Fashion and Steffy's Pros and Cons:

May 28, 2014

Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Petite Panoply!

It's my blog's third blogiversary today! Yes, I've been blogging here for three full years. It's kind of hard to believe. For today's post I thought I'd take you guys on a look back through these last three years by sharing some memorable moments and a few of my favorite outfits.

In Year 1 I blogged about a midnight Harry Potter movie premiere, celebrating my 21st birthday in Athens, GA,  going to Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke with Matt, and a spring trip to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. I went to Music Midtown with an old high school friend. I graduated with my ABJ from UGA and took plenty of graduation pictures

In Year 2 I went to a good friend's wedding and wore an awesome pink vintage dress. Jeanie and I wore gaudy Independence Day outfits and took pictures in the front yard. We listened to some jazz in Millennium Park and hung out at Terrapin Brewery. I got my rook pierced. In October I took fall pictures with my dog George and in November I took fall pictures with Matt at the botanical garden. I went to my first blogger meetup though the group was short lived. I also started to try my hand at some makeup posts. Toward the end of this blog's year I blogged about a trip to Washington with UGA's basketball band.

In Year 3 I had the worst day of my life. I auditioned to be a children's TV show host and we took a trip to Roanoke, Virginia. I blogged about it more than once. In the fall I dressed up as an 80s aerobics instructor for Halloween and Matt and I took our trip to the botanical garden. I decided on a drastic change for my hair in February during some snow storms. I had a great time at The Color Run with a bunch of friends, my mom, and sister. I graduated from grad school too (but I haven't posted the actual graduation pictures)!

A Few Favorite Looks:
I tend to have a hard time picking my favorite looks since I enjoy a lot of my outfits. They're my clothes after all! So here are a few outfits I still really enjoy. I'll break it down into years so you can tell me that my blog has actually improved. Click the number below the photos to check out the full posts.

Year 1

Year 2

May 27, 2014

Pink Leopard Print Modcloth Dress & Blue Wedges

I know I've posted almost this exact same outfit with different shoes before, but that was a while ago! I feel like some of my outfits look significantly different with short hair too. So with that disclaimer here is my pink leopard print dress from Modcloth. I got it on one of their sales a while back. I love the leopard print (of course) and the deep V in the back. This time I styled it with my light blue wedges because light pink and light blue always look cute together.

dress: modcloth | shoes: xappeal - rack room shoes

So did you guys have a good weekend? I relaxed and hung out with some friends. I was also sick-ish but I think I'm slowly improving so hooray for immune systems. 

Have a fantastic day!

May 25, 2014

Weekend Roundup // 7

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope those of you with a long weekend are enjoying it. I, unfortunately, am apparently still sick and am chugging water and eating a lot of cough drops. I thought this sinus infection thing was going away and then it came back. My throat is feeling a little better today, but if I'm still feeling bad tomorrow it's doctor time. Ugh. Anyway, I have plenty of cool links to share with you this weekend. There are a lot of science articles this week so go learn something!


I found this 60s-inspired bell sleeved dress at Forever 21 yesterday. I only tried it on because I hadn't ever worn a dress like this and sometimes I just like to see how different silhouettes look on me. I turned out loving it and now it's mine. So you'll be seeing it in proper pictures soon!

\\ Learn about Modcloth's copy writers and editors! I always love their creative item names.

\\ Check out this hand-animated short, "Monkey Rag" by Joanna Davidovich. It stars an adorable retro styled character with a side ponytail. It's adorable.
\\ Amazon Studios is creating its own children's content for Amazon Prime. Another example of more and more internet streaming services making content specifically for their own platform. 
\\ Good news everybody! Sailor Moon is coming back to North America! VIZ media acquired the rights and will be streaming the entire series for free on their website and in HD on Hulu Plus.

\\ A gene mutation linked to very long lives is associated with short women. I hope I have the mutation! I've read about many studies linking longer lives to being short. Hooray for a possible benefit of being shorter than most full-grown adults.
\\ How much does it cost to grow 1 kilo of hamburger meat from stem cells? About $534!
\\ Chewing is more important to your healthy diet than you may think. Even when eating the exact same powdered food, the mice who ate it in capsule form (which required chewing) had lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar than mice who are it in raw powdered form. This means a powdered diet of nutrients probably isn't in our future.
\\ New research is saying treatment of obesity should focus less on restricting calories and more on diet quality.
\\ Could Aspirin be the next revolutionary breast cancer treatment or preventative treatment?
\\ Another study about short people! Height was found to be a factor in longevity of Sardinian men.
\\ What would space colonists eat? Plenty of hydroponically grown food which means a mostly vegan diet.
\\ Gender inequality in lab rats may be the reason women have more drug side effects than men.

\\ Reasons small businesses need branding too and guidelines of how to go about it.
\\ This guide to your post-college resume is really helpful.
\\ 7 cliches to avoid in your resume.
\\ A profile picture with an open mouthed smile increases your perceived likability, competence, and influence.
\\ How to quantify your resume when you don't work with numbers.
\\ Great examples of how to use Pinterest for your business.

\\ An entire Tumblr blog dedicated to low budget Beast costumes from Beauty and the Beast. It makes my inner theatre geek very happy. 
\\ Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg recapping the last episode of Game of Thrones while high is pretty hilarious.
\\ Jeanie and I made this chocolate bread pudding the other day. It was delicious!
\\ 30 things to start doing for yourself. Plenty of good advice in this article.
\\ A wonderful Easter Egg in the new Wolfenstein game leads you to the first level of the original DOS Wolfenstein 3D (which I played when I was a wee child).

This Week's Posts
\\ An updated take on a 90s look: denim shirt & daisy print shorts
\\ My graduation party outfit: a polka dot dress with metallic heels
\\ Outfit: Star Trek tank top with a houndstooth print skirt

May 23, 2014

Star Trek Tank Top, Houndstooth Pencil Skirt, & Black Wedges

Happy happy Friday everyone! I can't believe it's already the end of the week. It flew by. Anyway, here is the second time I've worn my Star Trek muscle tee on this blog. While I'm not a fan of having to wear a bandeau bra underneath this shirt (since the armholes are gigantic), it is an incredibly comfortable combination. I could absolutely sleep in this shirt/bra combo. I bought the shirt despite the muscle tee situation because of the awesome Star Trek graphic. There are more characters tucked into my skirt because the shirt is so long on me! Oh well. 

This time I paired it with a thrifted houndstooth pencil skirt that I stole from Jeanie's room and was wearing to work the past few months. At the end of this post you'll see that I threw on a leather jacket and took a picture. Then I realized it was way too warm for a jacket. It looked cool though!

top: forever 21 | skirt: thrifted | shoes: shoe carnival  | jacket: ross dress for less | earrings: from Mom

In other news, I'm slowly checking things off my to-do list and watching plenty of TV/movies while doing some of it. Feel free to give me Netflix recommendations! Or non-Netflix. Either way!

Have a fantastic day!

May 22, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Here are a few things I've enjoyed around the internet and would possibly like to own. Enjoy and have a fantastic day.

This 60s flower power mini dress from Dethrose Vintage is so cute:

I don't know why I would need a bodysuit, but I really want something in donut print like this donut print Forever 21 bodysuit:

These octopus earrings from Modcloth are splashtacular! (Like that word? I made it up while working at the Aquarium.):

These matching holographic separates from Dolls Kill are the best. All of a sudden I think I need a holographic skirt.

I love how over-the-top and colorful this eye shadow look is!

May 21, 2014

Grad Party Outfit: Polka Dot Dress, Red Belt, & Rose Gold Heels

Happy Wednesday everyone!
This is what I wore for my graduation party last Friday. You know, the one where I had no speech whatsoever. At least I could still smile and gesture! I grabbed some mini balloons to pose with to make this outfit even more graduation-tastic. This whole look is definitely UGA inspired with the red and black color scheme. I'm always glad my school colors aren't obnoxious!

dress: forever 21 | cardigan: so... - kohl's | shoes: comfort plus - payless | belt: thrifted 

Now that all my graduation celebrating is over I guess it's time to move on to the next thing. I'm unsure what that will be though. I feel like I have so much crap to get together before epic job hunting can begin. I figure I can take the rest of the month to catch up on things I've neglected this past year. Transitions are hard! Working will be much better than grad school though, I can assure you. I'm so happy to be done.

Have a great middle of your week!

May 19, 2014

Denim Shirt, Daisy Print Floral Shorts, & Black Wedge Sandals

Happy Monday everyone! I'm so glad I can communicate by typing since I'm just barely getting my voice back after losing it the whole weekend. I guess I just overdid talking while being sick. I'd never lost my voice before! You never know how much you talk until your voice is gone!

Anyway, I wore this outfit a couple weeks back and really liked how it turned out. This denim shirt pretty much goes with anything and I particularly enjoyed how it looked with my daisy print floral shorts. This outfit seems like a modern take on an early 90s look to me. 

top: forever 21 | shorts: h&m | shoes: target

Did you guys have a good weekend? Mom threw me a little graduation party with a ton of delicious food. Unfortunately I couldn't speak at all the entire time. At least I didn't have to answer many questions since I couldn't really answer. Jeanie had to translate what I was trying to say to everyone else. I was Little Mermaid miming to everyone. I swear I have crappy luck. It's always one stupid thing after another! I had a good time though and I think I'm finally starting to get over this cold and get my voice back.

Have a great start to your week!

May 18, 2014

Weekend Roundup // 6

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've all had a nice week. I spent mine hanging in Athens, heading back home, & at my graduation party. Unfortunately I managed to lose my voice from a cold right before my party so I couldn't speak the entire time. I'm obviously the luckiest of all individuals. Anyway, here are some cool links from this week.


A little bit of a throwback picture (for Mother's Day) from this Easter:

Out on UGA's north campus taking pictures at the arch:


\\ How Lauren Miller, Seth Rogan's wife, fought against the stereotypical killjoy wife character.
\\ A little information about the MPAA's screwed up film rating system.
\\ Disney's live action Cinderella is coming out in 2015! Here's a synopsis and teaser trailer.
\\ A lack of animated children's films this summer could prove beneficial for Disney's Maleficent
\\ TV audiences are moving to online video and ad dollars are slowly shifting there too.
\\ Why do we favorite tweets?
\\ The Twitter mute button is here! Hide tweets from people you follow without unfollowing them.


\\ Could you pass an 8th grade science test? A fun little quiz to refresh your brain!
\\ You can make a sleeping person lucid dream by electrically stimulating their brain.
\\ A thought provoking article: Should your autonomous car sacrifice you if you're about to hit a car holding more than one person? 
\\ A mind controlled robotic arm has just been approved by the FDA.


\\ Read these motivational tips for recent graduates from comedians for a laugh.
\\ Tips to spruce up your headline on LinkedIn.
\\ Thoughts about whether you should include your blog on your resume.


\\ These thoughts pale people have at the beach are the thoughts I have any time I'm in the sun.
\\ Cool internet tricks you may not know existed. 
\\ The new Sims 4 gameplay trailer is exciting to my Sims geek self.

This Past Week's Posts

\\ Outfit: Leopard print high-low dress & clog sandals
\\ Graduation Outfit: Retro Mrs. Pomeranz dress

May 16, 2014

Mrs. Pomeranz 50s Style Tulip Print Dress with Nude Peeptoe Heels

Happy happy Friday everyone! Since graduation was last week I figured it was time to share my graduation outfit with you guys. I wore the Mrs. Pomeranz tulip print dress I won from Calivintage a while back. It was such a pretty dress I decided to save it for a special occasion. (Plus I received it right when fall was rolling around and it's not exactly a fall/winter dress.)

I love the watercolor print and the perfectly matching red belt that came with it. The material feels nice and light for spring but high-quality. I got a lot of compliments on the dress throughout the day. I will say that the seam underneath my arm started coming apart and one of the loops on the buttons down the back came un-looped. They're easy fixes but were kind of disappointing when I hadn't even worn the dress more than 4 hours. The designs of these dresses are perfectly retro and gorgeous though.

dress: mrs. pomeranz | shoes: xappeal - rack room shoes

I'll be sharing some other pictures from this day later on, but I wanted to highlight my dress in this post! You can check out the red lace Shabby Apple dress I wore two years ago for my undergrad graduation in this post.

Have a fantastic weekend!

May 15, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Here's a few cool things I saw around internet land this week. I like this feature because I can gaze at things I would enjoy having even though I'm too poor to buy anything until I find an adult person job.

This bikini from Modcloth that features cats, burgers, & fries amongst a galaxy background is both hilarious and awesome. (Here's the link to the bottom too.):

This wonderful little comic about being alone together sums up what Matt and I have been doing most of this week. (Comic by H. Caldwell Tanner):

This light blue pleated skirt with a lace cutout from Ruche:
This suspender skirt from Urban Outfitters:

Have a great rest of your day!

May 14, 2014

Leopard Print High-Low Dress and Clog Sandals

Happy Wednesday! Today's post is just a simple summery outfit. When it's hot outside it's just easiest to throw on a dress (without a belt is preferable) and some shoes. Of course, leopard print is one of my go-to prints so this dress is a favorite. It also has polka dots in the mesh detailing so that's my two favorite prints in one dress. I'm not a huge fan of having to wear a strapless bra with it, but that's just the burden of spaghetti straps + boobs. 

dress: xhileration - target | shoes: xhileration - target | arrow earrings: forever 21

Unfortunately I don't have anything particularly interesting to talk about today. I managed to get a cold basically immediately after graduation so I've been dealing with that. It'd be great if it went away soon since I have things to do!

Have a fantastic middle of your week!

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