May 19, 2014

Denim Shirt, Daisy Print Floral Shorts, & Black Wedge Sandals

Happy Monday everyone! I'm so glad I can communicate by typing since I'm just barely getting my voice back after losing it the whole weekend. I guess I just overdid talking while being sick. I'd never lost my voice before! You never know how much you talk until your voice is gone!

Anyway, I wore this outfit a couple weeks back and really liked how it turned out. This denim shirt pretty much goes with anything and I particularly enjoyed how it looked with my daisy print floral shorts. This outfit seems like a modern take on an early 90s look to me. 

top: forever 21 | shorts: h&m | shoes: target

Did you guys have a good weekend? Mom threw me a little graduation party with a ton of delicious food. Unfortunately I couldn't speak at all the entire time. At least I didn't have to answer many questions since I couldn't really answer. Jeanie had to translate what I was trying to say to everyone else. I was Little Mermaid miming to everyone. I swear I have crappy luck. It's always one stupid thing after another! I had a good time though and I think I'm finally starting to get over this cold and get my voice back.

Have a great start to your week!


Camilla said...

Lovely! : ) Have a nice week, dear!


chloe said...

I used to lose my voice all the time when I worked guest services at the shopping mall. I didn't have a choice but to talk when I was sick, and then the next day I'd always have to call out (or rather, have someone call out for me) because I could barely even get out a whisper. It's such a horrid feeling! Too bad you had to lose it for your grad party ):

BUT, adorable shorts to make up for it?

Ali Hval said...

Aaa, I heard about your poor voice! Haha, that little mermaid reference you made about it was a cute comparison, though. At least your sister was a great translator. ;)

Marlen said...

aww that stinks you didn't have your voice during your own party- but at least you had one! and i can totally see the 90 vibez in this, i love anything with daisies :D

xo marlen
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Laura Go said...

Oh noes! Hopefully your voice comes back soon! Then you can have another party right? :)

HighlandFling said...

Aw! You have the cutest and most sincere smile ever! <3

Your hair is such a great colour too! So vibrant and pretty!

Emma x

By The Shore, Life + Style said...

Your weekend sounds lovely, well except for losing your voice. Hope some rest is helping you feel better. And this outfit is capital-C, cute. Love it so much!! xoxo

By The Shore, a life + style blog

~K said...

I agree, I've only lost my voice once and suddently I want to use it all the time. I do like the peace and quiet though of not actually having to talk to people.

That's so nice of your mum! My graduation was pretty disappointing. The day was lovely and the whole graduating was great but I never got any nice photos to look back on.

Seriously, is there anything that a denim shirt doesn't go with haha

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