May 28, 2014

Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Petite Panoply!

It's my blog's third blogiversary today! Yes, I've been blogging here for three full years. It's kind of hard to believe. For today's post I thought I'd take you guys on a look back through these last three years by sharing some memorable moments and a few of my favorite outfits.

In Year 1 I blogged about a midnight Harry Potter movie premiere, celebrating my 21st birthday in Athens, GA,  going to Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke with Matt, and a spring trip to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. I went to Music Midtown with an old high school friend. I graduated with my ABJ from UGA and took plenty of graduation pictures

In Year 2 I went to a good friend's wedding and wore an awesome pink vintage dress. Jeanie and I wore gaudy Independence Day outfits and took pictures in the front yard. We listened to some jazz in Millennium Park and hung out at Terrapin Brewery. I got my rook pierced. In October I took fall pictures with my dog George and in November I took fall pictures with Matt at the botanical garden. I went to my first blogger meetup though the group was short lived. I also started to try my hand at some makeup posts. Toward the end of this blog's year I blogged about a trip to Washington with UGA's basketball band.

In Year 3 I had the worst day of my life. I auditioned to be a children's TV show host and we took a trip to Roanoke, Virginia. I blogged about it more than once. In the fall I dressed up as an 80s aerobics instructor for Halloween and Matt and I took our trip to the botanical garden. I decided on a drastic change for my hair in February during some snow storms. I had a great time at The Color Run with a bunch of friends, my mom, and sister. I graduated from grad school too (but I haven't posted the actual graduation pictures)!

A Few Favorite Looks:
I tend to have a hard time picking my favorite looks since I enjoy a lot of my outfits. They're my clothes after all! So here are a few outfits I still really enjoy. I'll break it down into years so you can tell me that my blog has actually improved. Click the number below the photos to check out the full posts.

Year 1

Year 2

TenEleven | Twelve

Year 3

Most Popular Posts
Believe it or not these posts are among my most visited so I thought I'd include them in this blog anniversary roundup. Apparently patterned or colorful tights are highly searched. I attribute that to the weird tights fetish people, but you decide.

Four | Five | Six

If you enjoyed this walk down memory lane (or are just now getting to know me and my blog) and want to experience it all from the beginning, check out my very first post. I also have a 1st blogiversary post if you're interested. There's no post for blogiversary 2 since I forgot. Oops.

Thank you for reading and being a great group of people. The blogging community is what makes this fun! To finish up this post I'd like to ask, what would you like to see here in this upcoming year?


~K said...

HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY! I love this little round up!

jess said...

Happy blog birthday and congrats on your graduation.

gabrielle said...

this is such a fantastic review of your three years blogging! congratulations girl! keep up the amazing work.


Keit said...

Wow, so many things have happened for 3 years! Happy 3 year Birthday! Keep posting cause I love your blog ^_^

Lorna Sharp said...

Happy Blog Anniversary Jamie !!
I Love your posts. You were really Stylish at your beginnings, and the year one was so cool too bas i missed it !
But anyway , you lool great now (i really enjoyed you cutting your hair its fantastic!)
Have a good one,
Love From Paris

aprileveryday said...

Aww! I loved this post. I remember following you on chictopia before you had this blog haha :)
I love how colourful the recap of your outfits is haha :)

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Congrats, Jamie! You're always so colorful and I love it! :)

JC Cross-Jones said...

Happy Blog'aversary!
Two Hearts One Roof

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