May 12, 2014

Nyx Macaron Lipsticks: Review & Swatches

I was so excited when I found out Nyx Cosmetics was coming out with a line of non-traditionally colored lipsticks. Finally some different colors from an affordable brand! Once I saw they were available to order online I made sure to pick up a few. Most of them are currently sold out on the Nyx website but they'll probably be getting more in. Some might be available at Ulta stores too.

These lipsticks retail for $6 a piece. They're incredibly creamy and comfortable to wear. I found most applied with few coats. Pistachio required the most coats to be opaque and Blue Velvet & Violet required the least. Wear time is about average but if you eat or drink you'll probably have to reapply. 

Left to right: Pistachio, Blue Velvet, Violet, Lavender, Rose, & Orange Blossom

I swatched the colors I bought (which are half of the collection) with very quick applications so please don't judge them too harshly. Also I really don't have the lips for lipstick swatches, but whatever. They're what I have.
(For swatches of the other colors and on prettier lips, check out Batalash Beauty.)

Top left: Pistachio. Top right: Blue Velvet. Middle left: Violet. Middle right: Lavender. Bottom left: Rose. Bottom right: Orange Blossom.

I really don't know when I'll wear blue or mint green lipstick, but I wanted them! Maybe over the summer I'll figure out an outfit to make them work. They're so different though. I love it! The more I see "weird" lip colors, the more normal they look and I'm pretty sure that'd be the case for most people. I'm looking forward to the day when more people wear these non-traditional lipsticks. With drug store makeup companies finally selling colors like these, that day could be just over the horizon.

Overall these are comfortable lipsticks in very fun colors. Some shades (Pistachio & Lavender) need a few coats, but it's worth it for the unique colors.


Ali Hval said...

Ah! These are so fun! I saw you tweet about them and have been excited ever since. I really like that last peachy shade--yeah, I'm so plain and boring lol--but ugh that blue and purple and lilac are astounding, too. COLORFUL LIPS, MAN. EMBRACE UR INNER MERMAID.

~K said...

I do love the mint green colour. I'm not a lipstick wearer, I bought a single one for my first time EVER about 2 months ago in a nude colour. I just have something against my natural lip colour haha. It's weird, I haven't quite got used to it yet, I need to wear it more often I think.

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

Ohhhh I love that rose color. You'll have to do an outfit post with one of these lipsticks. Seems like it would be fun to match them with your dress!

Sonya Mann said...

You have lovely lips, Jamie! I can't wait to see you wear these colors with outfits :D

Sabrina said...

I think it's so cool that they come in different and funky shades like that, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to try blue or teal!


Anonymous said...

Oooo! These are gorgeous, unsure where I would wear the blue one as well but they all just look so fun! Without a doubt going to keep my eyes out for these. :) x

Marlen said...

ooo these really ARE fun- and they're so pigmented! My favorite ones are the purple ones- I've really been getting crazy into purple lipstick shades these past couples of months. I think they're such a fun pop to an outfit. And I think if orange became a normal lipstick shade, then blue is right around the corner!

xo marlen
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Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think you have the perfect lips to wear these kinds of shades out and about without looking crazy.

My lips are really full and take up the entire bottom half of my face, so even though I love wearing bright and powerful shades of orange, purple, pink and red, some things (like blues and greens)are just not going to happen for me. There are places some people just shouldn't go, even if they may want to.

So you should go for it! Do it for both of us.

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