May 27, 2014

Pink Leopard Print Modcloth Dress & Blue Wedges

I know I've posted almost this exact same outfit with different shoes before, but that was a while ago! I feel like some of my outfits look significantly different with short hair too. So with that disclaimer here is my pink leopard print dress from Modcloth. I got it on one of their sales a while back. I love the leopard print (of course) and the deep V in the back. This time I styled it with my light blue wedges because light pink and light blue always look cute together.

dress: modcloth | shoes: xappeal - rack room shoes

So did you guys have a good weekend? I relaxed and hung out with some friends. I was also sick-ish but I think I'm slowly improving so hooray for immune systems. 

Have a fantastic day!


Helen said...

Pretty! I LOVE the blue suede wedges! :)

Helen xx

Amy said...

I love this dress SO much! And the blue shoes just make it even more adorable :)

Amy x

Camilla said...

Loved your hearted dress, Jamie! :)


~K said...

I'm not normally a fan of leopard print, but I do like it in the pink. It doesn't look as realistic as the standard print. I'd have to really love the item to buy it though. Saying that, this dress and shoes combo is pretty good :)

Alexandra Marie said...

Love the wedges! A;ex

Keit said...

I would wear this dress nonstop and would have probably lots of photos of me wearing the same dress :D
Love the color and adore how you styled it with the chick shoes!

gabrielle said...

how cute is the print on this dress!? i have such a weakness for animal print, especially in different colors. glad you're starting to feel better!


ensembledeux said...

Gorgeous dress!! :)

Ali Hval said...

AW. YISS! I love that you paired a completely different color shoe with this dress. Ugh, I wish I had the guts to do that. I mean I get it's a simple concept, just smash two colors together, but then I never actually think of doing it... u go girl.

Kristina @ Eccentric Owl said...

Outfits DO look different with shorter hair! I've started to realize that how I've done my hair (and sometimes makeup) is what really sets the tone for what I'm wearing! I can wear the easiest outfit ever, but with curled hair it suddenly feels stylish. Or I can wear the fanciest dress ever, but if my hair isn't right, the whole thing is off.

Anyway. You look so pretty! I love that dress, and it looks perfect with those shoes!

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