May 1, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! It's been way too long since I did a Things I Love Thursday post so that must be remedied. This feature is officially resurrected! It'll be a little more visually oriented rather than cool links since those are now being covered by my Weekend Roundup posts. I don't think you'll mind too much! Here are some things I enjoyed/coveted recently:

This adorable black & white handmade gingham dress by A Mint Daydream on Etsy:

I absolutely need this high-waisted Little Mermaid inspired bikini bottom by Alicia Zenobi on Etsy:

Keiko Lynn's super adorable strawberry nail art tutorial:

This wonderfully colorful 60s dress from Small Earth Vintage on Etsy:

If you haven't figured this out, the "Not Sure If" Fry meme is one of my favorites. It applies to so many wonderful ideas. Futurama is the best after all.

This super cool high waisted bikini at Modcloth:

These epic 80s brass earrings at New Old Fashion Vintage:

Happy Thursday everyone! 



very cute pieces :)

Emerald Dove said...

great picks - I love that gingham dress! :)

Demi said...

That little mermaid bikini bottom is amazing! I just wish it were more durable for something like the beach.. who needs pools when you live in Australia?!


ensembledeux said...

I absolutely love the gingham dress!! :)

Lorna Sharp said...

Haha Love the quote !
Im Gonna keep it in mind :p

Nice handmade gingham dress by the Way ,
Happy Week end to you now ;)


Adora Mehitabel said...

Such lovely items!,uk

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