May 4, 2014

Weekend Roundup // 4

Happy Sunday! A somewhat exciting week is ahead of me because I'm graduating with my master's degree in journalism & mass communication at the end of next week. Hooray for being done with grad school! (As long as no surprise crap pops up which tends to happen to me.) I'm looking forward to some carefree-ish time spent in Athens the next couple weeks. But anyway, here's my weekend recap:


The Nyx Macaron lipsticks I bought came in the mail!

An outing to Big City Bread Cafe with Matt. This pecan pie bar was delicious.

This week's Throwback Thursday post. In Oklahoma in 2007. I was Ado Annie and this is one of my favorite pictures from backstage.

Entered to win some OCC products by wearing my Rollergirl lip tar and posting to Instagram. I didn't win, but here's my selfie explosion:

\\ Are you feeling the resurgence of overalls? I like the new more-fitted shape.


\\ Article on what hiring managers are actually looking for when they ask you about your greatest weakness.


\\ The idea that boys don't watch "girl shows" isn't backed up by evidence. Boys watch TV shows with female protagonists as long as the heroine is 3-dimensional, humorous, & drives the plot. There's a new children's TV show Sofia the First about a princess that has an audience that's 42% male.
\\ These scenes from Who Framed Roger Rabbit shown next to the pre-animated film are so neat!
\\ Instagram has higher engagement levels than any other social network.
\\ What this bookstore did in response to parents trying to ban a book is wonderful. When will people realize you can't ban books?


\\ Multiple nutrients in a mother's diet affect her child's epigenome. The epigenome modifies the genome by affecting how genes function and how/if they're expressed.
\\ A University of Essex study found that first born girls are 13% likelier to aspire to graduate school than first born boys.
\\ A virus could restore hearing in people with severe hearing loss.


\\ The Jimmy Fallon v. Emma Stone lip sync battle is my favorite ever.
\\ 22 things about Athens, GA!
\\ This post on dealing with hypochondria (now apparently called "health anxiety") resonated with me. 
\\ 44 things every short girl can relate to. I nodded along to at least 40 of these. Read and feel my pain (even though it's on a sorority site which... just no).

This Past Week's Posts

\\ A very spring-y outfit post in a polka dot bustier and chambray skirt.
\\ My favorite outfits from around blogland from March.
\\ Things I Love Thursday has been resurrected!
\\ Remixing a classic wardrobe staple: the jean jacket!


Ali Hval said...

Your four little selfies are SO CUTE! I still can't get over your haircut. I know you've had it for so long now but it's still my fav thing ever. So precious on you. And look at all those pastel lipsticks, augh! WHAT A TREASURE TROVE!

Sonya Mann said...

I wanna watch Sofia the First now! I like that you post all kinds of interesting things in these roundups, not just fashion.

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