May 11, 2014

Weekend Roundup // 5

Happy Sunday and happy Mother's Day! This past week has been a busy one spent celebrating my graduation and Matt's graduation. We're both officially done with school! Time to move on to something new I guess. Anyway, here's this week's recap!


Matt in his cap & gown:

After my convocation/graduation thing:

Spent Cinco de Mayo with Mom. Lunch margaritas!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


\\ I enjoyed this article featuring 5 things you might not know about Beetlejuice. It's been a long time since I've seen the TV show based on it! I loved all those creepy kids' shows of the 90s.
\\ Looking forward to checking out The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore which will replace The Colbert Report once Colbert leaves.
\\ These resources can help keep you up-to-date with world news even if you're low on time!


\\ NASA is now live streaming Earth from the International Space Station in HD. 
\\ Early fitness can improve your brain in middle age. Even if you start late you can improve the health of your brain though! So it's never too late.
\\ Studies giving the blood of young mice to old mice reversed aging in the old mice. Sounds like some sci-fi stuff going on, but it's very interesting!
\\ GIFs of deep sea creatures encountering a sub for the first time.


\\ These images of WWII photos among their present day locations are very neat.
\\ Ricky Gervais' 9 commandments of being nice.

This Past Week's Posts

\\ A casual outfit wearing one of my favorite t-shirts and polka dot tights
\\ Wearing a floral crop top and bright pink shorts


Ali Hval said...

Haha, I love how casual you are about finishing school. "Time to move on to something new I guess." Lol, you get at it! The world will be pleased to have you somewhere rad and important. :)

Sonya Mann said...

I definitely have high hopes for the Minority Report!

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