May 18, 2014

Weekend Roundup // 6

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've all had a nice week. I spent mine hanging in Athens, heading back home, & at my graduation party. Unfortunately I managed to lose my voice from a cold right before my party so I couldn't speak the entire time. I'm obviously the luckiest of all individuals. Anyway, here are some cool links from this week.


A little bit of a throwback picture (for Mother's Day) from this Easter:

Out on UGA's north campus taking pictures at the arch:


\\ How Lauren Miller, Seth Rogan's wife, fought against the stereotypical killjoy wife character.
\\ A little information about the MPAA's screwed up film rating system.
\\ Disney's live action Cinderella is coming out in 2015! Here's a synopsis and teaser trailer.
\\ A lack of animated children's films this summer could prove beneficial for Disney's Maleficent
\\ TV audiences are moving to online video and ad dollars are slowly shifting there too.
\\ Why do we favorite tweets?
\\ The Twitter mute button is here! Hide tweets from people you follow without unfollowing them.


\\ Could you pass an 8th grade science test? A fun little quiz to refresh your brain!
\\ You can make a sleeping person lucid dream by electrically stimulating their brain.
\\ A thought provoking article: Should your autonomous car sacrifice you if you're about to hit a car holding more than one person? 
\\ A mind controlled robotic arm has just been approved by the FDA.


\\ Read these motivational tips for recent graduates from comedians for a laugh.
\\ Tips to spruce up your headline on LinkedIn.
\\ Thoughts about whether you should include your blog on your resume.


\\ These thoughts pale people have at the beach are the thoughts I have any time I'm in the sun.
\\ Cool internet tricks you may not know existed. 
\\ The new Sims 4 gameplay trailer is exciting to my Sims geek self.

This Past Week's Posts

\\ Outfit: Leopard print high-low dress & clog sandals
\\ Graduation Outfit: Retro Mrs. Pomeranz dress

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Sonya Mann said...

You both look so much like your mom! Adorable :)

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