May 25, 2014

Weekend Roundup // 7

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope those of you with a long weekend are enjoying it. I, unfortunately, am apparently still sick and am chugging water and eating a lot of cough drops. I thought this sinus infection thing was going away and then it came back. My throat is feeling a little better today, but if I'm still feeling bad tomorrow it's doctor time. Ugh. Anyway, I have plenty of cool links to share with you this weekend. There are a lot of science articles this week so go learn something!


I found this 60s-inspired bell sleeved dress at Forever 21 yesterday. I only tried it on because I hadn't ever worn a dress like this and sometimes I just like to see how different silhouettes look on me. I turned out loving it and now it's mine. So you'll be seeing it in proper pictures soon!

\\ Learn about Modcloth's copy writers and editors! I always love their creative item names.

\\ Check out this hand-animated short, "Monkey Rag" by Joanna Davidovich. It stars an adorable retro styled character with a side ponytail. It's adorable.
\\ Amazon Studios is creating its own children's content for Amazon Prime. Another example of more and more internet streaming services making content specifically for their own platform. 
\\ Good news everybody! Sailor Moon is coming back to North America! VIZ media acquired the rights and will be streaming the entire series for free on their website and in HD on Hulu Plus.

\\ A gene mutation linked to very long lives is associated with short women. I hope I have the mutation! I've read about many studies linking longer lives to being short. Hooray for a possible benefit of being shorter than most full-grown adults.
\\ How much does it cost to grow 1 kilo of hamburger meat from stem cells? About $534!
\\ Chewing is more important to your healthy diet than you may think. Even when eating the exact same powdered food, the mice who ate it in capsule form (which required chewing) had lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar than mice who are it in raw powdered form. This means a powdered diet of nutrients probably isn't in our future.
\\ New research is saying treatment of obesity should focus less on restricting calories and more on diet quality.
\\ Could Aspirin be the next revolutionary breast cancer treatment or preventative treatment?
\\ Another study about short people! Height was found to be a factor in longevity of Sardinian men.
\\ What would space colonists eat? Plenty of hydroponically grown food which means a mostly vegan diet.
\\ Gender inequality in lab rats may be the reason women have more drug side effects than men.

\\ Reasons small businesses need branding too and guidelines of how to go about it.
\\ This guide to your post-college resume is really helpful.
\\ 7 cliches to avoid in your resume.
\\ A profile picture with an open mouthed smile increases your perceived likability, competence, and influence.
\\ How to quantify your resume when you don't work with numbers.
\\ Great examples of how to use Pinterest for your business.

\\ An entire Tumblr blog dedicated to low budget Beast costumes from Beauty and the Beast. It makes my inner theatre geek very happy. 
\\ Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg recapping the last episode of Game of Thrones while high is pretty hilarious.
\\ Jeanie and I made this chocolate bread pudding the other day. It was delicious!
\\ 30 things to start doing for yourself. Plenty of good advice in this article.
\\ A wonderful Easter Egg in the new Wolfenstein game leads you to the first level of the original DOS Wolfenstein 3D (which I played when I was a wee child).

This Week's Posts
\\ An updated take on a 90s look: denim shirt & daisy print shorts
\\ My graduation party outfit: a polka dot dress with metallic heels
\\ Outfit: Star Trek tank top with a houndstooth print skirt


Imogen said...

I saw the 60s inspired dress on Instagram and I was hoping you’d buy it. It’s so unique and I look forward to seeing more

Indy said...

Ooo, that dress suits you so well! Love the print on it!

Isabella said...

Your weekend roundup posts capture how well-rounded the interests of fashion bloggers can be. I'm clicking away happily! As I develop my blog, I'm trying to find ways to incorporate more of my interests, and I think you set a great example. 

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