June 9, 2014

Backless Cat Print Dress with Holographic Flats

It's Monday already again! Here's an outfit that's absolutely perfect for muggy Georgia summers. It's kind of magical having no fabric touching your back. You should try it. Though I had to deal with a stick-on bra for this look so maybe it was less carefree than it looks. I absolutely love the back of this cat print dress despite the need for some crazy backless bra situation. Honestly I wish the front of the dress was as flattering as the back. I make it work for the cool back and fun print though. 

This is the first time I wore this dress without a layer underneath. You can see how I styled it last Halloween and with a lace top underneath. This time I let the dress be worn as intended and paired my super cool holographic flats with it.

dress: modcloth | shoes: forever 21 | bracelet: premier designs

Did you do anything fun this weekend? I was sick again. Seriously. It's like I graduated and my immune system was like, "you don't need me anymore! Bye!" Though my nearly nocturnal sleep schedule could be a contributing factor to my suppressed immunity...

Anyway, I hope you're all having a nice start to your week! 



so cute :)


Alexandra Marie said...

Such a cute dress! Alex


Justine Prabucki said...

I love that dress, although I myself always stray away from backless numbers because of the bra situation thats created. I could never go without a bra, so how is the backless bra? I feel like it would fall down….
I can't imagine summer in the south, I want to visit Georgia, actually was debating a road trip there and I even almost moved to New Orleans for school for the fall but then I don't think I could handle the heat or humidity.

Ali Hval said...

Aah no, not more sicknesses! That's strange how you just started to get sick after college like that. Guess it's some kinda weird post-stress-sickness thing. XD

That dress is fantastic though!

Camilla said...

So damm cute! *.* Loved your dress Jamie!


Kate said...

Argh as much as I love cat prints, I think my favorite part of that dress is the hem. I love the white material sticking out at the bottom!

When I wasn't locked up my room watching new OITNB episodes, I went to a local art show this weekend. Go being only a little bit productive. Lol.

Lorna Sharp said...

Loving your nails today ! ;*

Love from Paris,

jess said...

The back of the dress is really nice.

Miranda said...

Very cute! Yeah, I'm always too scared/lazy to try one of those bras...but the back of the dress is wonderful!


Ina R. said...

Aaaw cat print, how adorable! Supercute dress and I love the combo with the black/gold sandals! <3

~K said...

I find it super weird to wear a bra even slightly out of the regular style. I like it looks great in the photos, and the print is adorable!
Maybe it's about getting the perfect, stick on bra. Or no bra ;)

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