June 4, 2014

Cat Print Tank Top, Red Scuba Skater Skirt, and Houndstooth Flats

Happy happy Wednesday everyone! I wore this outfit out to lunch when I was back in Athens. I'm really loving this new neoprene skater skirt. I got it with some credit I won to Sheinside via The Clothes Horse. The scuba material makes it a little different from the other skater skirts I own. I went with a classic black/white/red color scheme and paired it with my cat print shirt from Modcloth (given to me by a friend who's an ex-blogger). The houndstooth flats were a good choice since they're comfortable to walk in and they add a subtle pattern mix to the look.

This is a pretty typical summer look for me. Georgia is hot and very humid. You've heard me complain about it about a billion times. Skater skirts are breezy and look really cute paired with short sleeved or sleeveless tops. Don't worry though. I'll be featuring other types of outfits on here soon. 
(Also I can't express how nice it is to have my hair this short in the summer. So comfortable!)

top: modcloth | skirt: sheinside | shoes: boohoo | sunglasses: 5 below | bag: c/o pepaloves | earrings: it's a mystery

I hope you're having a great middle of your week!


Isabella said...

This look is so cute! I love the color scheme, and your sunglasses are fab. The pic of you talking to the statue is great, it looks like you're both really enjoying the conversation, haha :)


irene wibowo said...

It was pretty. The colors is really great. :) Irene Wibowo

~K said...

Skater skirts in general are always a good choice :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute summer look! I live in Florida so I definitely get the hot and humid weather thing. Sometimes it's really hard to look put together in especially hot weather but you manage it well! I especially love the skirt and shoes.

-Leah M.

Laura Go said...

You are too adorable even in the humidity! LOVE the print on that top and your shoezies!

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