June 29, 2014

Weekend Roundup \\ 10

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've been having a great weekend! Mine has been pretty good. I managed to play some video games and stream a couple of them on my new Twitch page. So check that out if you're into game streams or seeing me play really old games I not-so-magically-but-feels-like-magically get to work on my computer.


I finally got my diploma in the mail so it's real and official and a throwback picture to taking graduation pictures in May.

A picture with Mom out on a boat and participating in #ManCrushMonday with a Matt picture.

Delicious Jittery Joe's coffee at Mama's Boy and hanging out at AthFest last weekend.

Nails with the new OPI Coca-Cola collection and a #ThrowbackThursday picture 

One of my all-time favorite teas was found and Mom made delicious cake for no occasion again. I'm probably eating more of it as you read this.

\\ Unsplash consistently adds free (and super pretty) public domain pictures for anyone to use. Great for those blog posts when you lack an image.
\\ YouTube is adding a feature where people can donate money to their favorite channels and Twitter is testing ways to add commentary to retweets.
\\ The Powerpuff Girls is getting a reboot in 2016 and I'm pumped!
\\ A new survey says teenagers report using Facebook more often than a year ago. The social network isn't dead for teenagers. They're just using it differently than teens did years ago!

\\ You can play the Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time game on this magical website. A guy wrote a Windows 3.1 emulator into Java and ran the game (which is similar to what I did to run another game except through DOSBox). This game is childhood memories for me.
\\ A Blind Legend is an audio-based mobile video game designed for the visually impaired. Very neat concept!

\\ Very early school start times hurts most students' performance.
\\ Why you may never have to get a tooth filling again in a few years. Hooray improvements in dentistry!

\\ A guide to managing generation Y employees. Give them ways to improve their own skills!

\\ The key to taking pictures isn't always magic hour. Some tips for taking pictures in natural light.
\\ This awesome whale sprite follows your cursor all around your screen. Just try it. You know you want to.
\\ We've been cutting cake the wrong way all these years!
\\ 18 lessons marching band teaches kids. After 8 years of marching band, I definitely agree with these points!
\\ Meet Bonnaroo's oldest attendees, the Bonnagrannies. You're never too old to have fun!

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Isabella said...

1) Your bikini and nails are fabulous.
2) Hooray for Powerpuff Girls! So excited.
3) My mind is blown by that cake-cutting technique.

Thanks for another fun & interesting roundup :)


Justine Prabucki said...

Those nails are so fabulous! I really love OPI for their range of colors. Also I loved graduating but then getting my diploma in the mail seemed somewhat anticlimactic in comparison to the big ceremony!

Nikki said...

I got my diploma this week too! Mine was just my Bachelors though. I still got at least one year to go, haha. I'm also loving your bikini. It's perfect for you and looks extra cute with your hair ^_^ You also just distracted me for 5 minutes with that whale, hahahaha! xo

Keit said...

Eeeek, I love your bathing suit! You're so darn pretty!

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