June 1, 2014

Weekend Roundup // 8

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week. Mine went by incredibly fast. There's still so much for me to do to catch up on life. I'm hoping the summer continues to improve, but for now check out some intriguing links and learn something new!


New silver shoes I found on clearance at Target for $9!

Watched the neighbor's dog this weekend

Throwback Thursday this week featured a few random pictures from marching band of me taking pictures. A camera was always with me - as it usually is now. I even would perform our shows down on the field with my camera tucked away in my sleeve.

Tried to relax for a couple hours and read a book outside on a cloudy evening

\\ The secret to packing linen items without them arriving horribly wrinkled. 
\\ Outlet stores (or cheap equivalents) you can shop online.

\\ An interesting look at being an animator on The Clueless Girl's Guide.
\\ LeVar Burton is trying to bring Reading Rainbow to mobile, web, classrooms, & more! His Kickstarter campaign has already gained $2 million in donations.
\\ How to use Twitter for relationship marketing.
\\ Crappy things that have happened to Sansa Stark. Just in time for Game of Thrones night!
\\ Twitter will be releasing its database of tweets to scientists. I'm interested to find out what we'll learn from these social researchers!

\\ Tips for answering 15 typical job interview questions.
\\ Some resources to help you research a potential employer.

\\ Apparently sitting is lethal no matter how fit you are or how much you exercise. Sad times. I love to sit.
\\ A new study says non-celiac gluten sensitivity isn't real and is likely to just be in your head.

\\ Struggles only short people understand. Yes especially to people resting their arms on our heads, others obscuring our view all the time, and everyone saying we make them "feel taller." 
\\ Vintage pictures of the Chicago Field Museum. 
\\ The MET put a ton of high-resolution pictures online and made them free for anybody to use.

This Week's Posts
\\ Weekend Roundup 7
\\ Outfit: Pink leopard print dress with blue wedges
\\ Happy 3rd blogiversary to this blog!
\\ April blogger outfit favorites
\\ Guest post at Of North talking about home in Athens, Georgia

1 comment:

Kate said...

I'm loving the variety of camera-holding throwback photos! I was totally that person in high school, always with a disposable camera. The downside to that is I have few pictures of myself from that time. (I obviously hadn't grasped the concept of a selfie.)

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