June 15, 2014

Weekend Roundup // 9

I missed last week's roundup (oops) but here is one for the last couple weeks.
Happy Father's Day to all the fatherly people out there!

An coffee vanilla imperial porter that I had the other week. It tasted like black iced coffee and was therefore very tasty.

Throwback Thursday from 2004. We put a hat on George. He looks disgruntled about it but that was just his bulldog face.

A little preview of a post I'll have up at some point in the next couple weeks. I just had mom style my hair fauxhawk-like. I enjoyed mixing it up.

\\ Still confused about Net Neutrality? Check out this video from John Oliver to clear things up.
\\ This very detailed analysis about the popularity of Nicholas Sparks books/movies helped me understand why so many people like those films, though I still can't get on board. They're all just white people kissing.
\\ This original Alien concept art by H.R. Giger is creepy and cool.
\\ This article talks about new animation software developed during the making of How to Train Your Dragon 2.
\\ Netflix is bringing back The Magic School Bus! It'll be CG animated and introduce new tech innovations to kids.
\\ Disney XD is commissioning a TV show dedicated to kids' video games. I'm interested to see the kid-oriented take on a gaming review show.
\\ I need to find out where I can see this new animated kids' show based on eyewitness accounts of young people near Normandy in WWII.

\\ The reason why the near and far sides of the moon look so different.
\\ Sleep promotes the creation of neural connections in the brain. Another reason we all need to be getting more sleep!
\\ The baby illusion makes parents perceive the youngest child as physically smaller than they actually are. It's not just a matter of size comparison. This happens regardless of age!
\\ The new Dragon V2 spaceship can dock itself at the ISS and land back on Earth with accuracy (which means it can be reused).

\\ 10 common interview questions and how to answer them.
\\ Reasons you need content curation in your marketing plan. I heartily agree with this! Content curation builds your brand.
\\ What it's like when your job actually treats you like an adult. Leaving workers to product results however they want (they choose their hours, take sick days as needed, etc.) improved their work results. Plus it weeded out slackers.

\\ How to pack a carry-on like a pro. This will come in handy when we fly to Vegas!
\\ Most of these 90s technology problems really bring me back.
\\ LEGO is releasing female scientist sets. It was designed by a fan and voted upon by other fans. These sets will increase the diversity of women's roles represented.
\\ I made this green tea sorbet and it was super tasty! Reduce the sugar a little. It's perfect for summer.

The Past Two Weeks' Posts
\\ Outfit: seafoam sequined skater skirt and a high necked top
\\ Outfit: cat print shirt and a red skater skirt
\\ Remix: graphic t-shirts styled for warm weather
\\ Outfit: backless cat print dress and holographic shoes
\\ Outfit: blue lipstick with a blue pinafore and green top
\\ Outfit: red romper and blue cardigan on UGA's north campus


Justine Prabucki said...

I love the faux hawk! Also Im so glad that Legos is getting with the program and gearing their toys towards girls also!

Demi said...

Can I just say that your faux hawk looks absolutely gorgeous?

Also that George looks super goofy. What a beautiful pooch.


Miranda said...

Wow, the show about WWII sounds like a really interesting perspective. Thanks for all these cool links!!


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