July 30, 2014

Outfit: Geometric Bodycon Dress, Black Sandals, & Triangle 80s Earrings

Sometimes you just need to throw on a simple outfit without layers when it's super hot outside. Making sure you have a really cool print or color keeps a simple outfit from looking boring. I picked up this scoop back bodycon dress from Forever 21 a few weeks back because the print was different than anything else I had in my wardrobe. I also don't own a lot of bodycon shaped things even though I like that silhouette when I wear it. So here's my new dress styled simply with a pair of new black sandals I got on sale at Modcloth. I threw on a pair of Mom's old 80s earrings for good measure too!

Scoop Back Bodycon Dress with Black Sandals
dress: forever 21 | shoes: modcloth | earrings: vintage

80s Triangle Earrings and a Conch Piercing
Short Red Hair, 80s Triangle Earrings, and an Abstract Print Dress
Black Ankle Strap Sandals
Abstract Print Dress Detailing

Here's my glamour shot you guys. 
Short Red Hair and a Scoop Back Bodycon Dress
Abstract Print Bodycon Dress with Black Sandals

I hope you're having a good week! I'm just eagerly anticipating our trip to Las Vegas and trying to get some work done. I know after this upcoming trip I'll have to buckle down and actually get a full time job, but I'm trying to not worry about that until afterward so I can really enjoy this vacation. It's really hard for me to truly feel relaxed so I'm hoping this trip will be super fun and that I can take a break from my worries!

Have a fantastic middle of your week!


Imogen said...

This is another dress I was looking forward to seeing how you would style it. So incredible. The print is the best.

gabrielle said...

this shape is so flattering on you! love the pattern too. your mom's 80s earrings are perfect for this outfit. moms always have the best jewelry!


Keit said...

Life is too short for worrying, just live it! :)
OMG, this dress is so awesome, I need to have it! You look amazing in it as well, love the back!

~ K said...

I love the pattern on this dress. I do love the bodycon shape but I just need to get my mojo back when I wear it. I'm trying, I bough a dress the other day and it's a loose bodycon shape, not that that really makes sense haha.

Camilla said...

Loved your dress! : )


Kate said...

What a fun dress! You look adorable and ready for a night on the town. :)

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