July 16, 2014

Outfit: Leather Pencil Skirt, Blue Tank Top, Wedge Sandals, & a Spiked Bracelet

Do you have those pieces in your wardrobe that just don't get worn enough even though they should be highly remix-able? This leather pencil skirt is one of those pieces in mine. It's the outcome of a wonderful thrifting trip and a DIY scalloped hem. (You can see how this hem was done in my scalloped leather skirt tutorial.) 

Sometimes it's daunting to think about wearing leather in the summer. Even though it's very hot outside, I decided to make this leather skirt work by pairing it with a light tank top and some wedge sandals. I was in the air conditioning most of the day anyway, so I survived wearing a leather pencil skirt in the Georgia heat! 

Leather Pencil Skirt, Blue V-Neck Tank Top, & Wedge Sandals
skirt: thrifted | top: kmart | shoes: target | bracelet: jigsaw london

Blue Tank Top and Leather Pencil Skirt from the Back
Spiked Jigsaw London Bracelet
Black Leather Pencil Skirt with a Blue Tank Top
Blue and Black Tank Top with Short Red Hair
Black Leather Scalloped Pencil Skirt
Leather Scalloped Hem Pencil Skirt, Blue Tank Top, and Wedge Sandals

This week has been and will continue to be weird. I'm half-way through moving out of my Athens apartment and back home for an unknown amount of time. (Basically until I get my life together and find a grown up job.) I've been cleaning out my bedroom back home too, which is quite a task. I may have a few clothing items to get rid of that some of you may want to take a look at, but we'll get to that eventually. There's just so much to do. It's overwhelming but at least I'm not under a strict deadline for most things. I can tell everything's getting to me because my health anxiety crap brain (+ other anxiety, I'm sure) is acting up. This is the time of year for me to worry about my eyesight. It's just one of my recurring hypochondriac thoughts. Woe is me? There's nothing substantial for me to complain about, really. 

Anyway, I hope you all are having a good week. Happy Wednesday!


Laura said...

I love that bracelet, its beautiful!

Safiya said...

Oh I hope everything works out soon. Absolutely in love with that pencil leather skirt :)

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Camilla said...

Loved your leather skirt! You look amazing Jamie! :)


Anonymous said...

Don't worry! You're eyesight is OK and you are absolutly gorgeous. Love from Germany!

~K said...

I have a few pieces that I just don't wear enough, it's like I forget how good they are and then just leave them in the wardrobe. I like this skirt though, especially what you've done to the hem!

Ahh, hopefully after you've moved completely things will settle down and you can start moving onto the next stage of life :)

Laura Go said...

I have so been wanting to wear my faux leather pieces even though it's so hot outside! LOVE how you styled this skirt-- and that hem is darling!

Miranda said...

I love that bracelet!
Hope everything goes well with the move.

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Elena Elle said...

that top is beautiful. looks great with your hair.


Angela said...

Your brave for wearing faux leather outside right now in GA! I know how hot it gets there, haha. You look amazing! I hope you find some time to relax in this crazy time!

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