July 9, 2014

Outfit: Maroon Patterned Mini Skirt, High Neck Sleeveless Top, & Gold Loafers

I wore this a little while back and am just now getting to posting it! I'm not thrilled with the pictures, but that's just what happens sometimes. I decided to remix my newest matching set and wear the skirt with a mock turtleneck top. This is what I mean about this matching separates trend being so versatile! I'm thinking I need to pair either the skirt or top with something yellow next time. 

top: target | skirt: forever 21 | loafers: target | bracelet: vintage

And just for good measure: this is what happens when I can't come up with any new poses. It's so attractive!

Can we talk about how fast this summer is flying by? How is it already after the 4th of July? The sad thing is once July hits every store decides it's fall time and takes out all the warm weather clothes. Newsflash Georgia: it doesn't get even cool outside here until at least November. I need clothes I won't melt in! Fortunately I have a large wardrobe so I probably don't need to acquire anything new, but still. It's the principle. July isn't fall. It just turned into technical summer. End rant.

Have a happy middle of your week!


irene wibowo said...

love your skirt! :) Irene Wibowo

Isabella said...

I love mixing skirt sets! The printed skirt looks very chic with the black top. Also, that last pic is great :)


Alexandra Marie said...

I seriously love the back of that blouse! Alex


Miranda said...

Precious, as always! I love this outfit!

Little Gold Pocket Watch

~K said...

At least there are no Christmas bits in the shop... we have until say September for that...

I really love that turtleneck on you!

Nikki said...

Looking gooood Jamie! Loving that last photo, haha. I get your frustrations with the stock in stores, as I've thought about the same when I went shopping earlier this week. However, mother nature found the perfect solution: she turned to fall! Rain, wind and chilly temperatures included. I wore my boots out yesterday... xo

HighlandFling said...

Aw, your new hair is amazing. It really suits you!! I'd never have the courage to cut so much off but it is tempting when I see yours!

Emma x

Camilla said...

Loved your skirt, dear! :))


Shannon Broderick said...

i love this outfit-that skirt's so retro! i know exactly what you mean about fall clothes being out so early-its useless, but i also love it a little because it means we're close to fall

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Justine Prabucki said...

I hate when photos don't turn out quite how you thought and you don't realize til you get home and its too late. If its any consolation I think they look great! Also Im with you on the stores and clothes except in reverse I live in Chicago where it still is barely thatttt warm, like today was pretty mild at 70 and it can snow all the way up til April and we need those warm clothes in stores for as long as possible but of course it doesn't happen that way.

Ali Hval said...

These pictures look great! Don't even sweat it. I know what you mean about taking pictures and not liking them exactly--I'm always thinking some of mine aren't up to par with previous ones and thus I tend to not get as experimental with new locations and yeah. I rambled.

ANYWAY that skirt is adorable and you look GR8 miss Jamie :D

Safiya said...

Your shoes are so nice! And I think its high time I got on the two piece band wagon cos they are just so versatile!

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