July 23, 2014

Outfit: Striped Bodycon Dress, Purple Cardigan, and Silver Oxford Shoes

This was a forgotten outfit, somehow. I wore this back in late May and recently realized I hadn't posted it. I actually really liked how it turned out with the mix of silver and purple. This striped bodycon dress is different than most of the silhouettes in my wardrobe so I enjoyed styling it. I used some credits to Sheinside I won from The Clothes Horse to get it. I figured if it didn't work out I wouldn't be out any money so I might as well try something new. I tried to dress down this dress by pairing it with a comfy cardigan and flat shoes, but it could definitely be worn for a night out with heels. Wearing bodycon dresses means your food baby from chicken nuggets and hot dogs is super apparent though, so keep that in mind when wearing bodycon things to graduation parties.

Striped Bodycon Dress, Purple Cardigan, and Silver Cutout Oxford Shoes
dress: sheinside | cardigan: forever 21 | shoes: sam & libby - target | necklace: sheinside

Striped Dress, Purple Cardigan, Spiked Silver Necklace, & a Red Pixie Cut
Silver Spiked Necklace with a Striped Dress and Purple Cardigan
Black and White Bodycon Dress, Silver Shoes, and a Red Pixie Cut
Silver Cutout Sam & Libby Oxford Shoes
Short Red Hair, Purple Cardigan, and Striped Bodycon Dress
Black and White Striped Bodycon Dress with Short Red Hair and Silver Shoes

I really like how the stripes on this dress create the illusion of curves on my body. I'm generally hip-less so this makes me look a little more like a woman in that area. Do you wear bodycon dresses or skirts? I feel like they look good on so many different body shapes. How would you style a dress like this? I'd love more ideas on how to remix it!

Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!


Laura Go said...

the black and white with that vibrant, rich maroon color is such a great combo! and I love the stripes in different orientations!

gabrielle said...

such a fantastic color combo. i think the bodycon shape looks great on you! i agree, it can definitely be flattering to all kinds of body shapes.


~K said...

I haven't worn anything bodycon in a long long time. I just can't get comfy in it. I do love the pattern on this though and I like the shape it gives you. Black and whites are a great basis to so many different outfits. I'm thinking winter time with coloured wool tights and and some grungy boots :)

Diana said...

Love the outfit!

Camilla said...

Lovely! I love mixing dresses and oxfords! :)


Kate said...

I rarely wear body con dresses because I feel self conscious, but I always seem to get compliments.

I'm definitely loving the color combo here. Black and white stripes can do no wrong, really. And those silver oxfords are fabulous!

Ali Hval said...

Ah, this dress looks amazing on you, Jamie! I generally like body con dresses but I'm always afraid to wear them because then if I eat like one pea I feel like you're gonna see it digesting in my estomago.

Keit said...

How did you forget such a gorgeous outfit! *_* I love the cardigan and silver shoes. I'd probably style this dress with some combat boots and a lace cardigan, and maybe even a beanie, if it's not scorching hot :D

jess said...

That is a great dress. I love the way the stripes highlight your waist. I learned the hard way not to wear tight things to my favorite mexican restaurant.

Midwest Muse said...

You look stunning, girl!!

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