July 10, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! I hope you've all been having a good week so far. The weekend is almost here! 
Here are a few things I found around the internet this week. The ridiculous gnome shoes below may have to be my favorite thing in all the land, so I'll start with those.

These When In Gnome Heels from Modcloth are the craziest and best shoes I've ever seen. I love them.

This 60s dress from Coldfish is super cute and is actually just my size which makes me want it even more.

This four leaf clover necklace from Delftia has a chlorophyll molecule on it and that's science-tastic.

This polka dot 80s peplum dress from RadLove Vintage would be fantastic to wear to a party! Or you could just lounge around the house wearing it and pretend you're in Troop Beverly Hills.

This retro robot pin from Ladybird Likes would look very cute pinned to a denim jacket or vest.

Have a happy rest of the day!


Safiya said...

Ooh the clover necklace is a cool idea. And I love the robot pin.

Cats in Crop Tops

Ali Hval said...

Oooh Jamie, those HEELS are so fun! I knew exactly who they were by from the preview hahahah.They've got such quirky shoes. :D

Sammi said...

Such great picks!! I love the Irregular Choice heels that have little fun things on the heels. My favorites are the unicorn ones, but these gnome ones are adorable, too. And ah that black dress is awesome!

xox Sammi

Laura Go said...

Those gnome heels! <3

Rachel Sullivan said...

The gnomes!! We got a pair of Irregular Choice heels in the consignment store I work at. And they are selling for like, under $20! Gah I never wished I was a size 9.5 so hard.


Sarah K. said...

whaaaat that dress from Coldfish is amazing! if it's in your size you MUST get it! it's meant to be.

thanks for keeping up with my blog, lady! you're the best.


Elana Katz said...

Can I have all of this?? I mostly want the 60s dress and the robot pin. I really need that pin in my life ASAP.


Imogen said...

Everything is amazing. They must be the most unique shoes ever.

Isabella said...

Those shoes may be necessary. I would applaud you for getting them!


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