July 17, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! Here are a few picks from internet-land for you to feast your eyes upon today! This week there ended up being mostly accessories for whatever reason. Oh well!

These peanut butter and jelly rings from Scrumptious Doodle are meant to be shared with a best friend, but I think I'd wear them both!

These strawberry print camera straps from Cam-in Photography are a cute way to style your camera for summer:

This floral cross stitched necklace from Skrynka Hand Embroidery:

Have a happy day!


Amy S. said...

Ahhh the pb&j rings are adorable!!!

Amber said...

I love everything! But especially the pb&j rings (: They're so realistic!

Alice Young said...

How adorable are those rings!?

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Miranda said...

I've always loved those PBJ rings!

Little Gold Pocket Watch

Keit said...

Aaaaww! I want those rings! Although I have no one to give one to, I'd wear them both, screw that! :D

Safiya said...

I would totally keep both rings myself too haha. My excuse would be they're too cute to split up!

Cats in Crop Tops

Kate said...

Ahh! Those peanut butter and jelly rings! I think I'd wear one on each hand. Lol.

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