July 22, 2014

YouTube Tuesday: New Outfit Video + More!

Happy Tuesday everyone! It's time for YouTube Tuesday again! I have a couple videos of my own to show you, a new music video from The New Pornographers, and a funny video from The Fine Brothers.
Also, thank you for supporting my reentry into YouTube land!

First up is my newest outfit video featuring my galaxy print skirt. If you saw it already, great! If not, here it is!

Next is my short video highlighting Athfest 2014.

The New Pornographers (my favorite band) just came out with a new song and I've been listening to it way to many times. Here is the music video for it. I'm always excited to hear new music from them! Just awesome Canadian indie rock.

Here's a funny video for you: Elders React to Epic Rap Battles of History. I can't get enough of these reaction videos from TheFineBros. 

I hope this gave you something interesting to look at on this fine Tuesday! Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Nikki said...

OH MY GOODNESS I totally missed the elders react to ERB! I've been an ERB fan since the first season, and the first season is still the best. LOVE the Justin Bieber versus Beethoven rap. It's hilarious! Also: I loved your outfit video. It's such a fun way to share your look. I've tried it once too, but I was terrible at it, haha! xo

Amanda said...

What a lovely blog =)

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