August 22, 2014

Outfit: Handmade Mushroom Print Shift Dress with Brown Wedge Sandals

Happy happy Friday everyone! I'm very excited to finally show you the mushroom print dress my mom and I made. She was very patiently trying to teach me to sew and I learned that it's hard. We did change the pattern so it wouldn't have a seam down the front so that made following the directions a little less straight forward. I picked out the pattern and fabric and cut everything out though! I got to sew some of it... Mom did most of the sewing. I'm better at wearing the clothes than making them. 

Anyway, I'm in love with this print and all the retro colors in it. The yellow bow makes the dress even better! I can already imagine the many colored tights and cardigans I'll be able to wear with it when the weather cools down. It's nice light cotton though, so it's perfect for Georgia summers. This time I just threw on a pair of simple brown wedges because I didn't really need anything to compete with this awesome dress on its first day out.

Handmade Mushroom Print Shift Dress with a Mustard Yellow Bow and Brown Wedge Sandals
dress: handmade | shoes: forever 21 | ring: from great grandma

Green Mushroom Print Dress with a Yellow Bow and Short Red Hair
Mustard Yellow Bow on a Green Retro Mushroom Print Dress
Mushroom Print Dress with a Yellow Bow
Green Mushroom Print Dress and Red Hair
Mushroom Print Dress and Brown Wedge Sandals
Handmade Mushroom Print Shift Dress with Brown Wedges

This is the first post I've written start to finish on my new laptop! Huzzah for a laptop that runs at a normal speed and actually shuts down correctly! I finally got the external DVD drive I ordered so I could install my copy of Photoshop. This PC has a full HD touch display and it's beautiful. I'm pretty pumped about it.

Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend? I'm going to see a local theatre's production of Mary Poppins on Saturday. A girl that was in musical theatre a couple years before I was is playing Mary so that's pretty exciting! Other than that I guess I'll be scoping out the job scene some more and rethinking my game plan since it seems like everything I was initially looking into in is in New York and that place is just too expensive. I'd like to be able to save money and not spend it all on a place to live, thanks. But anyway. I also have video games I bought eons ago and need to actually play. I feel guilty playing games when I don't have a full time job though. That's probably weird but it feels like I should be doing work, looking for a job, or doing blog stuff (which counts as my free time I guess). I would really like to play those games I bought though...

Ok I'm done rambling. Have a fantastic weekend! I hope it's great!


Monique Reinds said...

I wanted to thank you for commenting me on my posts! I cant believe, such a honor! :),btw

You always have the brightest outfits which are so great! You give me so many inspiration!!


Monique Reinds said...
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Amber said...

Seriously?! I kind of cannot believe you guys made this dress! It looks like something you'd buy for $100!! And I'm so in love with that bow. If you could at some point make a tutorial for it, I'd be a happy camper (: I'm actually working on a dress right now that would look soooo cute with a bow like that on it.

Isabella said...

What a fantastic little dress! I love the Alice in Wonderland vibe, and the bow is such a unique touch. You and your mom are so creative! This reminds me I really should try sewing a dress for myself for everyday: I've sewn a lot of costumes and used to make my own prom dresses, but a unique cotton dress would be so rewarding to make!

Have fun at Mary Poppins! Good luck with your job search - I'm also in the middle of that process, and I am moving to New York, which is both exciting and financially daunting. There are so many awesome places that cost less!


RC Rabbit said...

What an adorable shift dress! I've been wanting a shift pattern and I love that mushroom print <3 Great job. Sewing is so rewarding, I am so excited I have a machine again and can create.


Frannie Pantz said...

This dress is so, so adorable! I think it is great that you are learning to sew from your mom. I have so many regrets about not learning from my grandmother. I love the print on this dress and the bow is so cute! You guys did a great job!

Marie McGrath said...

Wao, this dress turned out amazzzzing!! I too can already imagine how you will wear it with colorful tights later on, how exciting! I've always wanted to learn how to sew as well, but it just seems so darn hard that I've never dared to try.. hehe.

The mary poppins production sounds like so much fun!! Hope you have a great weekend Jamie :)

Angela said...

I'm glad someone said it...because I'm totally better at wearing the clothes, not making them, haha. I LOVE THAT DRESS! I seriously gasped when I saw it on you, the bow is the perfect finishing touch. This weekend I'm going to the drive-in. :)

Margaret Dallospedale said...

You look amazing babe
I love this print
Maggie D.
The Indian Savage diary

Eccentric Owl said...

Oh my goodness, I saw that fabric and I wanted to make something out of it! But, like you, I am better at wearing clothes than making them, haha! And I'm much too picky for my mom to make me stuff any more. :D You look so cute!
And hooray for a new laptop! It's always nice to have computers that work correctly.

Stella Scarlett Rose said...

Oh my god! I want that dress! It's absolutely amazing! The print and the cute bow! It suits you so perfectly and I love the shoes you've combined!

♘ ♘

~ K said...

That dress is awesome! Go you and your mum for making it! I have some apple print fabric that I want to make into a dress, but I'm a little nervous about doing it. I need to buy some good thread and a zip. I might start looking around for sewing patterns though :)

Camilla said...

You look so lovely in dresses! :)


Abby said...

Lovely dress! Aside from the super adorable print, that bow detail is such a nice touch!


Laura Go said...

It turned out amazingly!!!! and i love the pretty bow you added!

Keit said...

Who in their right mind would feel guilty playing video games? :D The hell with that! I love video games, they bring the ultimate happiness! ^_^
Love this gorgeous dress, oh the bow is just the cutest thing ever! ^_^

Mariah Alysz said...

Oh my gosh I love this dress! It's so cute! I remember when my mom helped me learn to sew, so challenging! She is infinitely better than I am haha.

Kate said...

This seriously looks like it came straight from a vintage boutique. It is so, so cute. You picked the perfect fabric. And the bow really puts it all together.

Can I have your mom now? Lol. I really need to get back to sewing again.

Cara E said...

that dress is freaking adorable, all the for so knowing that it's handmade! love your hair colour too, bright red hair is my dream but the upkeep puts me off! xx

Safiya said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, it made my day haha :) I've always meant to buy a pattern and create something from scratch but I've never gotten round to it. One day, eh? I'll have to scout out a cute fabric like yours.

Cats in Crop Tops

Milla Kjaer said...

Wow you totally rock that dress!! - looks so good! :))

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

Your mom is AMAZING! This dress is so perfect on you and I love the print. I hope you have fun at the theatre!

Yoko Nguyen said...

nice dress :)

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Jessica said...

Aww cute look! =)
Thanks for visiting my blog!



Sammi said...

THAT DRESS! It's soooo cute. I'm in love.

xox Sammi

Wild Flower said...

That is so cute Jamie! I absolutely love the pattern, I wish I could make something like that! xx

Ali Hval said...

Mmmm yay for technological goodies!! Glad to hear you're enjoying things. ;) and you're so right, nothing needs to compete with your extremely fantastic mushroom dress. The colors in it are gorgeous!

Sam said...

This dress is adorable! I love toadstools and the colors are great. Very late 60's. The bow is the perfect topper too!

Megan Butcher said...

This outfit is so awesome & cheerful! So sweet that your mama made it for you :) priceless!


Miranda said...

This is just too cute! I love the print!

Little Gold Pocket Watch

Rebecca said...

Way cute and it looks GREAT! I'm totally wanting to make a mushroom print dress myself but haven't found a print yet that I LOVE. Yours is completely adorable. :D

Idealism never goes out of fashion

Nella Fragola said...

Incredible dress!

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