August 10, 2014

Outfit: Pink Floral Jeans, Navy Blue Button Down, and Pink Sandals

Happy Sunday everyone! I meant to publish this post last week but I got caught up in our Vegas vacation and forgot to schedule it. Oops! I wore these floral print jeans on a cooler day a couple weeks back. I just wanted to wear jeans! (Seriously though. Can there be fall weather now?) I paired this simple navy blue button down with them and a pair of old pink sandals. I really liked the way this color combination looked.

jeans: DKNY | top: forever 21 | sandals: ross dress for less

My vacation is over and I'm back home. I hope you enjoyed my sparse Instagram pictures from the trip. I wish we could have stayed another day. I wasn't quite ready to come home and job hunt. There's just so much to do there too. I'll post about the trip sometime this week and share some pictures with you!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Safiya said...

Ooh, glad you had a good time, coming home is always the hardest bit haha. I loooove these printed jeans with the navy - colour combo = Perfect!

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~ K said...

I do love a nice pair of jeans! Looking forward to seeing some photos from your trip :)

~ K

Miranda said...

I love those sandals! And navy looks so good with your hair :)

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Keit said...

I want Fall weather, asap! :D
Love the navy shirt, happy to hear you're back from the Vacation ^_^

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