August 29, 2014

Outfit: Strawberry Print Shorts, Green Crop Top, & White Sandals

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've had a great week so far. I'm off to Dragon Con today but I wouldn't leave you without a new post. I figured I had better post this one before everyone (except me) starts getting into their fall clothes. Strawberry print shorts don't exactly scream "fall fashion." I really enjoyed this outfit though. It helps that these shorts are basically like pajamas so the whole outfit was incredibly comfortable. 

Strawberry Print Shorts, Green Crop Top, and White Sandals
shorts: boohoo | top: forever 21 | sandals: boohoo | necklace: grandma

Strawberry Print Shorts from
Strawberry Print Shorts, Green Crop Top, and White Sandals
Strawberry Print Shorts with a Green Crop Top and White Sandals
Gold Hummingbird Necklace
Green T-shirt with Strawberry Print Shorts

I don't have too much to say except that I'm super excited for this weekend. Follow along on Instagram since I'll try very hard to post updates on our shenanigans. Anyone else have a hard time updating Instagram while lugging around a DSLR? First world problems. Hopefully I'll have plenty of fun pictures to show you next week though!

Have a happy weekend!


Kelly Del Valle said...

Yay, Dragoncon! I can't leave until tomorrow afternoon but I'm already so excited! Can't wait to see what you post. :)

Demi said...

This is like my favorite outfit post of yours. STRAWBERRY SHORTS I MUST HAVE THEM!!

Are you dressing up for DragonCon? It all sounds so very exciting, it's been ages since I went to a good convention!

Demi |

Syrious Roberto said...

ooooh you look super lovely with this skirt :)
love your hair
Syriously in Fashion

Keit said...

Dragon Con!? This sounds so bad ass! Pleeease, make thousands of photos! :D
Love these shorts to death, so cheerful and pretty!

Safiya said...

Eeep you look so cute :) I am a massive fan of clothes that feel like pjs, heck I have even considered going out in my actual Pjs.

Cats in Crop Tops

stevia indrawan said...

I love love your humingbird pendant
it's super ahdorable
and that shorts look perfect with the green tee :)

The Sweetest Escape 
Romwe Shopping Voucher Giveaway

Miranda said...

Ugh, this is so cute. I would steal it in a heartbeat! Have fun at the Con!

Little Gold Pocket Watch

Sammi said...

So so cute! You and Lisa from lalafauxbois have like, the same outfit on today but opposite (if that makes sense)!

xox Sammi

Kailey said...

SOO cute oh my goodness!

aprileveryday said...

Oh my gosh - those strawberry print shorts are so cute! You always find the most amazing prints!
I'm terrible at Instagramming while I have my DSLR, then I get in the car and go to Instagram my photos and I'm so upset that I never took any on my phone haha!
Have a great weekend at Dragon Con!
xo April Everyday

Evelyn and Sarah said...

those shorts are incredible!!!

Laura Go said...

Have a lovely time at the con! Those shorts are just the darlingest!

~ K said...

Eeek! you're a strawberry!

I suck at updating insta when I carry my camera. I can't do both! I usually get home and transfer some photos from the camera to my phone and then update like that haha.

Enjoy Dragon Con!!

P-chan said...

That strawberry shorts is so cute and so summer >,<)/
Can't wait for my monthly schedule, yes, thrift shopping, gonna hunt for fruits pattern lol:3

Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!!

Natasha Hill said...

So cute! I love the pattern on the shorts and your necklace too! - Tasha xxx

Amber said...

Those shorts are the cutest! And I especially love that you paired it with a green crop top. So adorable! I hope you have an awesome time at the con (:

Ali Hval said...

Honestly I feel like I'm so bad at wearing outfits for seasons because in the summer I'm all "WEAR BLACK AND DARKNESS" and in the winter I'm like "SPRINGTIME, BITCHES!" so it's never really aligned for me. So girl, you wear those strawberries. Work it.

Mariah Alysz said...

Absolutely adoring these shorts!
-Mariah <3

Mariah Alysz said...

Absolutely adoring these shorts!
-Mariah <3

Kate said...

Aw, there's nothing like enjoying summer to your fullest. And the strawberry shorts are perfect for doing just that. I also love that the shorts match your hair. :) :)

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