August 3, 2014

Weekend Roundup \\ 14

Happy Sunday everyone! Here are a few interesting links and Instagram pictures from the past week. I hope you all had a good weekend!


My new star print swimsuit from Modcloth and trying out the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish Influenster sent me:

An outtake from an outfit post and wearing my Star Trek shirt to sleep since it's super comfortable:

Strawberry shorts that feel like pajamas and a delicious Thai meal Matt and I had the other day:

\\ Can dogs eat people food?
\\ Studies show night owls are more intelligent than morning people. Now I can feel less crappy about my sleep schedule!
\\ The Surgeon General finally said UV radiation is bad for your skin. So maybe wear some sunscreen?

\\ There's going to be a new show on Adult Swim called Mike Tyson Mysteries. Let that sink in. (I'll probably partake in an episode or two. Why not?)
\\ Women are still underrepresented behind and in front of the camera.

\\ For bloggers: How to gracefully work with brands.
\\ An R&B cover of the original My Little Pony cartoon series' theme song.
\\ Some of these hypochondriac text messages are very familiar.

This Week's Posts

\\ Outfit: Donut print bodysuit and light green shorts
\\ Outfit: Geometric bodycon dress and black sandals
\\ Outfit: Cobalt blue off-the-shoulder top with a leopard print skater skirt
\\ Video: My favorite drugstore lipsticks


katie said...

Yay for Star Trek! It's nice to see it finally getting a little lovin' in the blogging community after the crazy amount of Star Wars Dresses/tees last year!

Rachel Sullivan said...

Your swimsuit looks amazing!! I used to have those bedsheets, lol.


Keit said...

Oh Jamie, the Star Trek shirt is so awesome, I can't get enough of it! :D

aprileveryday said...

I love that swimsuit! And that Thai meal looks so delicious!
And I literally just died laughing at those hyperchondriac texts, they are so me! - I just got 2 teeth extracted on Thursday and had a panic attack on friday because a tiny bit of chicken got stuck in my gum, I honestly thought it was going to be stuck there forever and had a full on panic attack because I thought it would give me an infection and I would die so I refused to eat and drink all weekend. Not even joking! My mum was practically force feeding me on Saturday evening because I was so ill hahaha!
Have a lovely week!
xo April

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