August 10, 2014

Weekend Roundup // 15

Happy happy Sunday everyone! Tomorrow I'll return to the somewhat real world but for now my brain is still Vegas-tastic. I can't believe our trip is over already. Anyway, here is this week's roundup of interesting links and Instagram pictures!


The Flamingo Hilton:

Hanging by the pool in Vegas:

Sunset view from our room and the new ferris wheel at night:

Gambling with Matt and then breakfast our last day there:

\\ Tips on how to answer the interview question, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
\\ How to answer the 5 toughest interview questions with confidence.

\\ Yet another study shows the MMR vaccine is NOT associated with autism. 
\\ NASA says it may be possible to propel a spaceship without fuel.
\\ Can dogs eat people food? Yes. Dogs evolved alongside us, eating what we ate.

\\ People are figuring out ways to teach coding to the touchscreen generation.
\\ Should you ditch the obligatory expensive engagement ring and use the money on something more useful? 

This Week's Blog Posts
\\ Outfit: Polka dot boots, band t-shirt, and a black skirt with mesh detail
\\ YouTube Tuesday: A video about my favorite cheap lipsticks + more!
\\ Outfit: Floral Jeans, navy blue top, and pink sandals

1 comment:

Isabella said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I've never been to Vegas, but I imagine it would be quite the adventure to go. Had you been there before? Those ferris wheel pictures are beautiful - I'm honestly terrified of ferris wheels, though!

Thanks for the great roundup of links! I'm legitimately interested in everything you posted (I think about job interviews, what to feed my dog, vaccine politics, and the wedding industry a lot these days!)


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