August 24, 2014

Weekend Roundup \\ 16

Happy Sunday everyone! It's time for another weekend roundup of interesting links and Instagram pictures. I hope you're all having a good weekend!


My nails with colorful studs:

A couple throwback pictures of Jeanie and me: Eating birthday cake at our cousin's birthday and when we got George.

\\ Ways to incorporate more color into your wardrobe.

\\ How new cable network FXX is using the Netflix model of syndication exclusivity for The Simpsons. Are you guys watching the Every Simpsons Ever marathon? I've been loving it.
\\ Twitter is now going to be putting tweets from people you don't follow in your feed. You'll now have RTs, promoted tweets, and tweets you might be interested in mixed among those you follow.
\\ The Golden Globes changed the animation category rules and will now include foreign animation in the category.
\\ There's going to be more Arrested Development!

\\ How biobatteries and biosensors could track your workout in the future.
\\ Paper by Oliver Sacks about what it's like to see after a long period of blindness.
\\ An unexpected side effect of ibuprofen: It lessens effects of emotional pain in women. 

Video Games
\\ Interesting thoughts on making/marketing games for everyone instead of along gender lines.
\\ New study says playing video games up to an hour a day is good for children.
\\ Video game companies are finally "starting to show more interest in cultivating female players."

\\ Why declining a job offer may be the best decision you ever make.
\\ The growing pay gap between PR professionals and journalists.

\\ I signed up for Graze snack boxes with a code to get my 1st and 5th boxes free. All the boxes in between are only $6 but you can cancel at any time. You can get the same deal with my code if you want snacks sent to you! (I get $1 if you sign up even for just the first free box.)
\\ A tribute to Robin Williams by The New York Times.
\\ Ways to turn old concert ticket stubs into something cool.

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Kelly Del Valle said...
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Victoria Nightingale said...

Cute Nails :)

Isabella said...

1) Amazing nails!!
2) Adorable pics with your sis, especially with George :)
3) OMG Arrested Development! I have to say I really did not like what they did with season 4, but maybe they'll get back to their great roots for season 5?
4) Reading the article on turning down job offers in hopes that I'll have a job offer to turn down soon!


~ K said...

We used to get the Graze box in the UK (if it's the same thing), little snacks that come weekly/or when you say... It was really awesome and I always got really nice bits, if I remember there was a way to rate the items you got, and could say "send again", "never send again" or something along them lines.

Best thing... it went through the letter box!

Keit said...

I love your weekend roundup posts! ^_^
Great science articles, reading changing the brain is an interesting concept.
I love the nails *_*
I don't have Netflix, but I would sure love a Simpsons marathon! ^^

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