August 5, 2014

YouTube Tuesday: Favorite Drugstore Lipsticks + More!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm on my way to Las Vegas today but that doesn't mean I forgot to share these videos with you on this fine day. There's a video from me, a makeup tutorial, and a couple funny videos! Enjoy!

First is my newest YouTube video featuring my favorite drugstore priced lipsticks in case you ever wanted to know. I love some cheap lipstick so check it out! Plus you get to see me real life moving and talking which is always weird when you've been just looking at pictures of a person for years.

Here's a makeup tutorial I enjoyed this past week. Leesha from xSparkage shows us how to create this rainbow-ish look:

The proper-use-of-the-English-language snob in me thoroughly enjoyed this song about "raping" vs. "rapping":

This older but delightful Conan sketch where he becomes a Mary Kay beauty consultant cracks me up:

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Love the drugstore lipstick picks! So fun to see you moving/talking for the first time. :)

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