September 6, 2014

Dragon Con 2014

This is a photo heavy post so click through to see the rest of the pictures! I couldn't whittle it down because there were so many great costumes to share with you! Nearly all of the pictures I took were of people's various costumes because it was otherwise too crowded to really take a lot of candid shots. Out of the whole Dragon Con experience I think people watching and looking at all the cool costumes was my favorite part. (Speaking of costumes, if any of these pictures are you and you want a full sized copy just email me and let me know.)

Star Trek and Q*Bert Costumes
Ms. Pac-Man and Wolverine Cosplay

This was my first Dragon Con even though I've been wanting to go for years. It ended up being an early birthday present from my parents! My mom and I hung out all weekend and stayed in the city. We got the 4-day pass and took Marta in from Midtown which was actually very easy.

We ended up going to about one panel each day. The lines for all panels were super long. If you absolutely can't stand crowds or waiting in lines, Dragon Con isn't for you. On Friday we managed to get into a Firefly panel with Adam Baldwin and Ron Glass. Saturday's was the Star Trek: The Next Generation panel with Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden. On Monday before we left we went to an 80s Throwback panel with The Karate Kid's, Ralph Macchio, and C. Thomas Howell from The Outsiders. Westley from The Princess Bride was supposed to be at that one but never showed. The panels were interesting. Basically you listened to the actors answer questions from the audience and tell stories.

Crowded Sidewalks at Dragon Con 2014
Avengers Roller Derby Costumes
Star Trek The Original Series Science Officer Costumes
Doctor Octopus Kid Costume

They were selling booze buckets in the hotels so a lot of people were walking around with those and taking pictures with one another. Sunday we spent a good chunk of time having one of those and watching people in costume walk around. It was more fun than it sounds!

Josie and the Pussycats Costume

On Saturday I entered the Page to Stage costume contest on a whim. I was in my Josie costume and figured I might as well enter and see what it was like. I wasn't very prepared so I didn't have music or props. I think that would've improved my showcase of my costume, but oh well. I'll know for next time. I met some cool people during the contest and had fun though! Below are some of the other contestants.

Joker and Poison Ivy Page to Stage Contest Costumes
Harley Quinn and Joker Page to Stage Costumes
Captain America Costume
Super Girl and Groot Costumes

They have a large vendor area at Dragon Con each year. We spent a good chunk of time on Monday wandering around from booth to booth checking out what they were selling. I ended up getting a pair of Star Trek earrings and an Enterprise necklace because I'm fully embracing my inner geek. It was ridiculously crowded in there so it was hard to look at everything. If I could sum up Dragon Con in two words they would be "crowded" and "fun." 

Dark Helmet and Barf Costumes
Lego People Costumes
Steampunk Jesus Costume
Toot and Witchblade Costumes
Cyberman and Dalek Cosplay
Ms. Frizzle The Magic Schoolbus Costume
MALE-ficent Costume

It was a really fun time and I want to go back next year. I wish it was a little less crowded but that's just how it is now. I'm already thinking about what costumes I want to wear next time! Unfortunately the host hotels are already sold out so I'll have to commute again to some degree. It's crazy how popular this event has gotten over the past few years. It's definitely something to do at least once though!

Anyway, I hope this recap was comprehensive enough and that you at least gazed at the pictures if you weren't interested in what I had to say! Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!


Anonymous said...

wow, love this post! Looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to go to something like this, will have to put it on my bucket list!

Kelly Del Valle said...

Awesome recap! We did not go to any of the same panels, but I saw many of the same cosplayers.

As far as the crowds go - even though I knew that the recent explosion in nerd culture popularity would up the numbers - I was still blown away this year! There was a massive attendance!

I am already looking forward to next year though. I think I'll even be joining the parade. :)

Rachel Sullivan said...

omg that looks like a lot of fun!


Kristina @ Eccentric Owl said...

Oh man, I would LOVE to go to something like this! I need more opportunities to wear costumes, seriously.

Rebecca said...

Awesome, I agree seeing all the different costumes would totally be a highlight! :D

Idealism never goes out of fashion

Keit said...

OMG, Groot, so fucking cute!!! :D Haha, awesome photos, I wish I was there man, booze buckets are the best thing ever O_O

Amber said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I was really hoping you took a bunch of pictures to post, because I always love seeing all the costumes. My favorites definitely had to be the Dr. Octopus (I mean, those arms?! C'mon!), Grout (of course, haha!), and the guys from Space Balls.

Isabella said...

I love the variety of costumes and how well-realized they are! It's too bad that it was so crowded, even though it's great to see that so many people with similar interests are out there and were able to make it to the con. So cool that Patrick Stewart was there! Props to you for bravely entering the contest on a whim!


~ K said...

Is that woman practically naked? or was it a dress! She must have been cold!

Alyssa Marie said...

Jamie, this post is so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing all of the great costumes, I loved looking at them all! I have always enjoyed getting dressed up for Halloween, there's something so fun about just being something completely different for a day- heck, I get dressed up everyday just for fun! haha. Glad to see you having such a good time!!!

xo Alyssa

Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...


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