September 3, 2014

Review: Makeup by One Direction "Midnight Memories" Collection

Happy Wednesday everyone! BrandBacker and Markwins Beauty sent me over a new Makeup by One Direction set for me to review for you. Now, I'm not particularly a One Direction fan and can maybe tell you one song they've sung so you'll know my view of these products isn't blurred by fan love. I was still excited to check out a new, affordable makeup line. I'm a fan of a lot of Wet n Wild products and Markwins owns them so I had high hopes for this line. They have three collections and I was sent "Midnight Memories" which is the smokier night-out set in the group. They also have a more natural collection, "Take Me Home," and a set with fun shades of blue and pink, "Up All Night." Below you'll find a look I created out of this set, an overview of each product, and swatches!

The packaging for these collections is pretty neat because they come in reusable tins. The One Direction sleeve comes off and then it's just a brick print tin. There are ideas for different looks to create on the inside of the lid. The packaging for the actual makeup was cute with the brick motif on each product. I had an issue with the lipstick arriving pushed up into and stuck in the lid though. Luckily I was able to knock it out of there and push it back into the bottom of the tube. It was fine after that. The nail polish design, while cute, makes it difficult to use because the wide end of the brush isn't lined up with the wide end of the lid, if that makes any sense. They need to be parallel to one another. The lid being a wide rectangle makes it awkward to hold too.

The swatches for each product (except the nail polish) are below. This is without any primer.

The eye shadows were hit and miss. I usually use high end eye shadow because when it's bad it can be really bad and I prefer to have a palette full of highly pigmented, blendable shades. I was able to work with these to create a pretty look though. My favorite shade was the sparkly silver one in the middle of the palette, "Midnight Memories." It's an interesting cream-powder hybrid texture and incredibly sparkly. I can see it being used on New Year's Eve all over the lid with a matte shade in the crease. The darkest shade, "Strong," was decently pigmented but a bit difficult to blend. It's described as a matte shimmer which is contradictory. It definitely comes out matte when swatched. The gray shade, "Half a Heart," swatched a lot lighter than it looked in the pan and came out matte too. The shimmery pink, "Don't Forget Where You Belong," was a nice contrast to the other neutral shades but I wish it was more pigmented. I was able to pack it on the lid and it showed up pretty well though. The lightest gray is called "Little White Lies" and it hardly showed up when swatched. I used it as an inner corner and brow bone highlight but it basically didn't show up except for a subtle amount of sparkle.

The collection came with a black jumbo eye pencil and a black mascara too. The eye pencil is named "Better Than Words" and the mascara is named "Little Black Dress." I love all the song titles as shade names! Neither one wowed me though. The eye pencil is supposed to double as a body crayon so you can draw things on your body with the little stencils included in the collection. It could be fun for a music festival? The pigmentation was lacking on the pencil though, and it smeared under my eyes after a few hours of wear. The mascara was lengthening but not particularly volumizing. I found it worked nicely as a mascara for the bottom lashes since it was separating and not clumpy.

I was most impressed with the lip products and nail polish in the "Midnight Memories" set. It came with an awesome sparkly bright pink lip gloss, "Through The Dark." It's supposed to glow orange-red under black light but I don't have one to test it! It looks a little more red on the lips than the swatch on my arm. It's super pigmented no matter what color it is! It didn't seem sticky to me, but maybe a little bit gritty from all the glitter.

The lipstick in this set is a classic blue based red called "Best Song Ever." It was matte and creamy. I really liked this lipstick even though it arrived a little smooshed. The lip gloss and lipstick look really nice worn together too!

I'm a collector (cough hoarder cough) of nail polish so I've tried a ton and "Right Now" was a very well-performing polish! It's a shimmery metallic medium-dark gray with subtle green-ish sparkle that would look good on anyone. It was opaque after two coats and I found the formula easy to work with. I was really happy with how it wore. The picture of me wearing this was taken after 5 days of wear. Pretty impressive! This will definitely be a nail polish I reach for again, particularly in the fall and winter.

Finally here's the eye look I came up with paired with the lip gloss. The only thing I used on my eyes that isn't in the set is my Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner. I put the pink shade over most of the lid, the gray on the outer part of the lid and in the crease, and used the black in the outer V to darken it up. The pale gray was used in the inner corners and as a brow bone highlight. I put that awesomely shimmery silver on the inner corner of my bottom lids but you can't see it really well in this picture. I was a little worried about sparkles getting in my eyes but they stayed in place!

These sets are now available in the US at Macy's, Lord and Taylor, Dillards, Stage Stores, and Beauty Brands and retail for $29.00. You can follow the Makeup by One Direction Facebook page for updates.

*Disclaimer: I'm a Brandbacker community member and was provided this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Rebecca said...

Admittedly not a One Direction fan (I'm probably too old for them) - but I love the look you've created! :D The colours look great!

And $29 is an absolute STEAL for an entire set (ok, coming from NZ honestly a single mascara costs 29NZD not even joking).

Idealism never goes out of fashion

jess said...

I think the gloss over the lipstick looks really nice. It's so cool it glows under a blacklight.

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