October 14, 2014

A Stop in Metropolis, IL and a Comfy Traveling Outfit

Happy Tuesday everyone! It's time to show you some pictures from our stop in Metropolis, Illinois and the comfy outfit I wore driving that day. We finally decided to stop and see the giant Superman statue! We've driven by the town 1-2 times a year since I can remember and have never stopped so it was about time. It was a cute little town but the main draw was the colorful Superman stuff. It really stood out against the dreary, sprinkling weather. We only stayed a half hour but it was fun to take a few touristy pictures.

jeans: new york and company | top: forever 21 | cardigan: thrifted (originally from target) | shoes: korks - shoe carnival

Looking back at these pictures I'm realizing how much I love how this outfit turned out. It was kind of thrown together, mixing comfortable items for a cozy drive. The combination of khaki green and yellow just works! Plus any outfit with my Star Trek shirt is an A+ in my book, despite it being kind of inappropriate in a town that pays homage to Superman.

Sorry about my lack of a post yesterday. We were driving back from Illinois and the weekend was way too busy for scheduling posts. It happens. Luckily I have plenty of outfits and pictures to share with you in these upcoming weeks! This is just the first set.

In other news today is my 24th birthday. I'm getting old! I have no real plans for today other than maybe Thai food and bowling. I expect the Facebook happy birthday messages to be fewer than last year since that's the trend the past few years. Maybe I'll get a few obligatory phone calls from relatives. Collecting some of my free birthday items from various stores / restaurants may be on the radar today and the rest of the week. Anybody else signed up for a bunch of store email lists and end up with coupons and free things around your birthday? It's one of my favorite parts of October! The Sephora birthday gift and free Starbucks are always highlights. 

I'm sure you'll hear all about today in another post though. Have a fantastic Tuesday!


Camilla said...

Funny! : )


Sammi said...

This is so fun, and you look absolutely adorable. You look wayyyy cuter than I do when I travel!

xox Sammi

chloe said...

Love all of this! The photos are amazing and your outfit works so well with the setting - so many amazing colours! I always love when you wear the Star Trek tee.

Ali Hval said...

You match your setting so perfectly! Pretty sure you were made for that statue, haha. Your tee is awesome and as usual I am loving that you're all smiles!

OrigamiGirl said...

Wow, that's kind of crazy. How is there a town devoted to superman? Why the statue? It's like something out of a quirky stop motion film. I love the Star Trek shirt too. It's space print (which I already love) with the perfect people.

Ina R. said...

Love the photos! Your outfit and the backdrops are so colourful and fun! Cool shirt and pants on you! So nice how you dressed it up with the shoes :)

The Hearabouts said...

Happy birthday my fellow Libra! May you have a wonderful time. Love these photos, and your outfit is something I would totally wear.


Justine Prabucki said...

Happy Birthday! Facebook wishes definitely dwindle the older you get! haha. I love this outfit, you look far more chic then me when road tripping. Im all about comfort when I'm in a car 6+ hours.

Panty Buns said...

A day belatedly, Happy 24th Birthday! I hope your birthday wishes come true! I love your Star Trek graphic T-shirt and the colour of the cardigan you styled it with. You looked fantastic as Supergirl!


Amanda said...

Oh I want your grafic tee !

Eccentric Owl said...

I LOVE your shirt! The whole outfit looks great, but I think the shirt just makes it perfect! I have a thing for nerdy tees, too, though, so you know. :)
And what an awesome town! I didn't know a place like that existed!

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