October 16, 2014

Birthday Outfit: Mushroom Print Dress, Red Tights, & Bronze Shoes

Happy Thursday everyone! I figured I should show you my birthday outfit since that was on Tuesday and therefore still relevant. I didn't really have a plan for a birthday outfit this year but I knew I wanted to wear one of my handmade items. This mushroom print dress hadn't been styled with tights yet so that's what I ended up throwing on. I enjoy the interesting mix of the olive green dress and red tights. It didn't feel like Christmas because of the addition of oranges and yellows in the print and the fact that it's a mushroom print. Mushrooms don't tend to convey images of holiday times.

But anyway, this turned out to be a very "me" look. It should be since it was my birthday! I wore a pair of cool red 80s earrings and my comfy bronze sandals since they apparently look good with everything I own. What do you think of my birthday look?

dress: handmade | tights: kmart | shoes: korks - shoe carnival | earrings: mom's

My birthday passed by quickly. It stormed nearly the entire day so I did the exact same things I normally do during the daytime: work, coffee, & dress myself. My family took me out to dinner at an Italian place where you get a free meal on your birthday. They bring you unlimited garlic and butter drenched rolls so I proceeded to stuff my face. Later I went bowling in my mushroom dress because why not? We had white cake with chocolate fudge frosting when I got home. All in all it was a satisfactory birthday. I'm glad I got out of the house that night because the daytime part was pretty boring as far as birthdays go!

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and the awesome people who gave me a card or gift. Now I'm impatiently awaiting my gift to myself which should be here in a couple days. Hint: It's the new Vice palette because I guess I need one each year now.

Anyway, I hope you're having a great week so far! As always, thanks for reading. I hope this next year of life will be better than the last!


Keit said...

Whoa, free food!? Count me in!!! :D Awesome! Happy belated birthday dear! You look extraordinary! For some reason, this outfit reminds me of Christmas, maybe it's the color combo :D

Frannie Pantz said...

Happy belated birthday! This dress is a fave of mine from your closet! So cute! And your earrings are awesome as well!

Eccentric Owl said...

I love that dress SO much, and it looks so cute with red tights! Happy late birthday, Jamie! It sounds like you had such a great day. I totally wish there were restaurants around here that gave you free food on your birthday!

Panty Buns said...

Your birthday look is absolutely adorable! I love your Jamie couture. Your handmade (!!!!!!!!!!!) mushroom print dress with its pretty bow look fabulous.


Isabella said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm a big fan of your mushroom dress, and it looks awesome and autumnal (not at all Christmasy!) with the red tights, which also match your hair fabulously well. An evening of bowling, all-you-can-eat dinner, and cake sounds great!


Miranda said...

Aww happy birthday! That print on the dress really is just the cutest.

Little Gold Pocket Watch

Miranda said...

Aww happy birthday! That print on the dress really is just the cutest.

Little Gold Pocket Watch

Madame Galiash said...

fantastic look, so nice your dress!! :)


Imogen said...

Happy birthday, I love bowling, it is my favourite thing ever. Speaking of favourites, this dress is the absolute best ever. It is perfect and the right choice for your birthday.

Kezzie said...

A very happy birthday to you!!! You look sensational! Although I detest eating mushrooms, they sure do look pretty on dresses!!
Tis lovely to meet you via your blog!

Amber said...

I'm still totally obsessed with this dress. Every time I see you wear it, I love it! You and your mom should really make a couple of these to sell, because they're so adorable!

HighlandFling said...

Oh! A (belated) Happy Birthday to yourself! I hope you had an amazing day!

I am love with your dress, that print is just the best!

Em x

Simply Davelyn said...

Such a cute print :)


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