October 30, 2014

Halloween Roundup

Halloween is tomorrow! In the spirit of the season here is a roundup of my Halloween blog posts from the past. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday so I try to celebrate as much as possible. Since there isn't anything particularly exciting going on tomorrow I'm dragging out my celebration in internet land. What do you have planned for Halloween? 

I have a very specific list of movies I strive to watch every single year on October 31st. I realize it may be impossible to watch 4 whole movies on Halloween for the rest of my life, but seeing as I'm underemployed right now I still have time for my tradition. "What are the movies?" you ask. Why thank you for asking! They're Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Addams Family Values (and the first one if there's time), and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (always to finish up the evening since I can remember.)

Anyway, here are a few festive posts to help you get in the Halloween spirit!

1. A roundup of my Halloween costumes throughout my life. Most of them were made by my mom because she's a wizard. If there's only one post you click on here, make it this one. It's one of my favorite posts ever just because it's so fun to see all the different costumes.

2. Last year's 80s aerobics instructor costume complete with legwarmers and fantastic 80s style blush.

3. A festive, yet wearable Halloween-themed outfit. The candy corn earrings are my favorite part of this look and seeing them reminded me of their existence. Thanks picture from last year!

4. My first Halloween post on this blog featuring another Halloween-themed outfit and my colorful gnome costume from that year.

I hope you guys are having a great Thursday! I can't wait to read your Halloween posts the rest of this week!


libys11 said...

adorable!! :D

Animated Confessions

Ali Hval said...

Gosh dangit, Jamie, you are the cutest! I love that 80s look of yours. You can really pull off so many funky things, you know? I'm really enjoying your Instagram posts of kid Halloween outfits, too! :D

~ K said...

Hope you managed to get all your movies in!

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