October 31, 2014

My Halloween Movie Traditions

If you didn't remember from the 50 billion other times I've stated it, Halloween is my favorite holiday. During college I adopted my own tradition of watching a series of movies the entire day. It meant I had something to do no matter what day Halloween fell on. If there weren't any big plans for the evening at least I had candy and movies to fall back on. I've altered the movie watching schedule according to each year's plans but I always try to squeeze them in! 

My Halloween movie marathon includes Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Addams Family Values, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. You may notice that none of these are of the traditional horror movie genre. That's not because I dislike horror movies, but I tend to re-watch movies that make me genuinely happy in some way. Halloween is a happy and delightfully dark holiday to me so I want my movie marathon to match that feeling! I save the horror movies for other days!

I don't have any particularly Halloween-themed outfit to show you today so here are some of my favorite parts from my series of Halloween movies. (While compiling this I realized there are musical numbers in every single one of these films. I guess I like what I like!)

1. Who doesn't like Hocus Pocus? This was always my favorite part of the movie growing up. I also enjoy Bette Midler's nod to Gypsy. Did you catch it?

2. The entirety of The Nightmare Before Christmas is my jam, but I super enjoy this part. Something about the pacing and escalation of the song does it for me. This movie is a masterpiece.

3. One of my favorite scenes of all time in any movie occurs in Addams Family Values. I'm still confused about why they do a Thanksgiving play at summer camp but I don't even care. (Jeanie pointed out that maybe it's because of the summer camp's Native American name.) This film is just wonderful. Every part. Morticia and Gomez are probably my favorite film/TV couple too.

4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been a Halloween staple in my house since I can remember. Mostly we ended up watching the first few songs back in the day. It's not a short movie. Sweet Transvestite and Time Warp have always been favorites! I mean, what kid doesn't love Tim Curry in drag? Tim Curry makes this movie. I'll always love it. So many fun songs!

And that's that! I hope this got you in a festive mood. Have an excellent Halloween!


Ina R. said...

Oh yay, all of the classics! I totally agree on Hocus Pocus, Rocky Horror Picture Show and would add Beetlejuice :)

Crumbs In The Bed said...

I haven't seen The Nightmare Before Christmas in ages!

~ K

AJ said...

I love HalloweenTown too! But Hocus pocus is a classic :)

xoxo AJ
TheAJMinute | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin

Sara Gerard said...

I love all of these movies as well! It has been so long since I have seen the Adams family movies!

Annebeth said...

oh yeah, great picks! I love all of these :)

Kate said...

Yes! I love all these movies. But believe it or not, I watched Hocus Pocus for the first time this year. :x

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